A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When your ship and fellow crew members are destroyed during a routine mission by space debris, you are rescued by the one laborer-class android who happened to be nearby... Now the two of you must spend an entire three-month journey alone with each other aboard the small, maintenance ship that is taking you back to civilization.

Along the way, there is little on board to keep you occupied... save the android. He calls himself Silas. As the situation forces you to get to know one another, you quickly figure out that while he may not have emotions the way WE understand them, he IS a construct designed to learn, adapt, and serve...

This, My Soul is a scifi-romance VN project for Nanoreno 2017. The story will be linear with heavy amounts of choice, similar to my current on-going project, Queen's Crown.

It will feature:

- Three possible endings: Normal end, Friendship end, and Romance end.
- A protagonist whose name and personality are determined by you.
- A romantic interest who will react differently, and evolve as a character differently, depending on how you treat him.
- A 40,000+ word script (roughly 2 hours of gameplay?)
- 6 beautiful, original CGs
- Original sprites, 3D-rendered backgrounds, GUI, and music!

This, My Soul will be rated T for suggestive material. Some parts will get steamy and descriptive, but nothing beyond what you'd find in a PG-13 movie.

Our Illustrious Team:

Writer/Creative Director - Agashi
Programmer/GUI & Logo Artist - Minyan
Sprite Artist - Tarunarei
CG Artist - Svarn
BG Artist - Sal
Composer - Noyemi K
Proofreaders - Lunaterra and Minyan

*NOTE for Mac users!* Some players have experienced issues getting the mac files to work after downloading the 2.0 zip. Because of this, we now have a separate download (1.0 - mac.zip) that should fix the problem.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(497 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsFemale Protagonist, Otome, Ren'Py, Robots, Romance, Sci-fi


This, My Soul - 2.0 - all.zip 60 MB
This, My Soul - 1.0 - mac.zip 40 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the This, My Soul - 2.0 - all.zip file.
  2. Extract to desktop or memorable location.
  3. Run the correct game file for your platform from inside of the folder.


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this is such a lovely game. i really liked how the relationship between the two developed and the pacing of the story. silas is so wonderful <3 i like how much care you put into choosing his words. some parts made me squeal and others made me sob my eyes out... will definitely replay this from time to time. hope you're doing well.


This was beautifully written. I really loved the way the story progressed and  how their relationship developed. I was aiming for the romantic end and I got it. It was such a delight to read! Silas's character development was amazing as well! Such a good VN! 


replaying this even years later..... we need more android ai themed visual novels like this 

i just so wished there was a DLC, maybe some epilogue/bonus story with romanced Silas...


Oh my gosh, I loved this VN so much, Silas is just so adorable, my heart! Thank you for making such a great game, I enjoyed every moment! :D


My heartstrings just couldn't handle this game.  Totally the most adorable and passionate game I have read in a long time.  I really felt like I was reading a very well-written fantasy romance novel without all the smut yet it did have some saucy blush worthy pieces.  Love it all around and the art work was beautiful hope you create more games and stories.  You are very talented! 🌹


"My makers did not see fit to equip me with a social sensitivity chip" what a mood 

Kinda bummed that I got the Bad End on first shot, disappointed that my second try locked me into the romance route with no option to say no to kissing but at least content that I got a Good ending.  I do like him a lot, totally didn't keep calling him LASSI in my head...  time well spent.   Exploration of emotions were top notch. Thanks for the game :)  


Got 2 of the 3 endings and very happy with them. I like the art and the slow build feeling. 


As someone who's into 'robots x reader' content, I have to say thank you for making this game :D (there just aren't enough opportunities for us to date a good android njdsniogojwj).  I really enjoyed the process of Silas opening up and figuring out his emotions (that's the main reason I like 'robots x reader' content - to witness how the robot starts malfunctioning and developing feelings lol).

sameee at last i have found another like me lolol 

do you happen to have any stories to recommend with that content? 


I got the happy ending my first go-round so I think I'm gonna stop while I'm ahead lol. This was a cute, relatively short story and I enjoyed it!


i cry myself to sleep for the 3 endings and i love it, now silah is one of my confort characters

and omg the art of the game is so good i love it.


Love the game and the story is written well. It was sad but bearable 


I played this awhiiiiile ago but I wanna give my compliments to the creator. I friggin loved it!! The transition from the android just being an Android and becoming more felt so natural and wonderful. Butterflies galore! The way these characters interact with each other and how perfect they are for each other is just umph! This game stayed on my mind for quite awhile out of so many I played and even awoken something inside me XD Awesome stuff!


the author doesn't seem to be around here anymore and that makes me even sadder than the endings of this game themselves.  I wish they at least saw the amazing feedback this otome is getting even to this day.

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Some sorta spoiler here

The first ending I got was the one in which Silas sadly sacrificed himself to save the mc, I was too sad to let this be the memory I had left and I also wanted to save him so I replayed and happily got the romantic ending, I had the intention of trying the other left but. no. dan. way. in. hell, what if it's also sad? lol

I love the fact that I had so many choices, I was a little bit confused about what some of them meant, but I eventually tried one and if it wasn't what I wanted to say then I went back and chose another one that best fit what I wanted to say, so no big problem (it's probably because they were similar or because I'm not really fluent in English). I also like that Silas is a pretty well written character, the only thing that I didn't really enjoy was that the game is short, and I didn't feel like I could properly develop my relationship with Silas, my thoughts and all that would've led me to a certain ending instead of another. Of course, with this I'm not saying that This, My Soul is a game that doesn't make you feel like you're living it in first person, isn't engaging or something like that, but it doesn't give me enough time. And also of course I'm not saying that it should be 10 hours long but something like 5 hours (roughly, depending on the ending, but I guess the ending wouldn't last long) would've been better, considering my 2 hours experience when I first played. But I know that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a game like this already is, and I really appreciate and admire your work. Also another thing, I think the mc's sprite shouldn't be there because some players might not resemble it, and this in some cases could ruin the experience (this wasn't the case with me because I resemble the sprite a lot).

Thank you for creating this game, it was a really nice and emotional story, I haven't found many like this and I'm happy I played.

Overall I would give it an 8/10.

(7 edits) (+3)

"the mc's sprite shouldn't be there because some players might not resemble it, and this in some cases could ruin the experience (this wasn't the case with me because I resemble the sprite a lot)"

Usually for a generic-looking MC I'd agree, but this is one of rare VNs when the MC not only doesn't look white, but looks very black.
..In light of these statistics, who'd get the galls to complain about it without looking hypocrite? Just let the nice game balalnce things a little, girl. I've got nothing against European looking MC, I put up with it without any problem, so I expect people to put up with this perfectly fine Mc as well, period. 
Besides, the MC is drawn beautifully, and the way her complexion contrast with the RO is just georgeous and poetic. We don't focibly have to invite others' bs into our head, y'know.

I wasn't even saying this for me, as I said the sprite looks like me, but usually I can't really fully enjoy a game when the mc is physically different than me because in my head it feels like I'm not playing as myself, it's dumb I know, but that's it. So I was thinking that the sprite shouldn't probably be there because some other people might have the same problem as me. And I don't get why I'm looking like a hypocrite to you just because I'm complaining about a black mc's sprite and not a white one, it doesn't make sense, if the differences between the irl player and the sprite can make the player enjoy the game less, then it makes them enjoy my game less, for a black player it could be the same with a white sprite, or for a white player it could be the same with a black sprite. I agree on the fact that it's drawn beautifully, I loved the art style. Hopefully I made myself clear, sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm not really fluent in English.

(2 edits) (+1)

I took time to peruse what you wrote to understood what you meant in both of your posts, but perhaps you misunderstood mine?


If so then I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean anything bad by what I said


Be at peace, sister. Everything, cool. Am glad you exist.

(1 edit) (+2)

This...this is a very beautiful game, and definitely cemented it's place as one of my favorite visual novels. It's short, but so beautifully written I was engrossed all the way through. I love love love  the interactions between the MC and Silas, and the way they've progressed their relationship is just so natural I love it. I've only achieved the "Do Androids Dream" ending, and just like what another user said here, it was just so perfect I couldn't bring myself to do the other endings.  

Thank you so much for making this game, and I'm also so glad I found this gem.


oh my god ive never reacted so intensely to one of these games holy stars this got me sO HARD. no the small moments and just- im sorry i only just ended so im still so flustered i just- thank you so  much for this im gonna replay this for sure


I really enjoyed the story and art of this game : ')


I am sitting in my lounge with the lights off and several responsibilities in the morning that I should be sleeping for; instead I am bawling my eyes out and covered in bits of tissue roll because this story just hit something raw in me. I'll need to play again soon to figure out what it is, but I haven't had such an emotional outburst in a game since I accidentally overestimated Shadowmere's ability to jump in Skyrim.

Thank you for this. Between the art, the narration, the music, and the plot, I really found myself enjoying this story (with very red eyes) and applaud you for sharing this with us. It really made my day. 

Thank you for the wonderful story! Hope you're doing well! 


Really enjoyed this VN, Silas was great--even if I called him Lassi a lot in my head. :D Either way, it was a fantastic journey, the writing was excellent, and I loved the good ending!


I was intending on replaying the game but I got the "Do Androids Dream" ending and it was so perfect I couldn't bring myself to change a thing. Do you have a ko-fi or something people can donate to?

(1 edit)

I did not know what to expect when I got this, but after playing I can say that it was worth it. The story was in itself very interesting and the few romantic scenes that are given are sweet and satisfying.  All I'm saying is download this for sure!


I got the do androids dream ending I cried with the mc haha this was adorable


This game was nice! I'd say 6/10. I'm more into absurdly long visual novel romance games that talk about philosophy, and in general, the kinda stuff art snobs and hipsters like, so this wan't my cup of tea, per say. Though, I still greatly respect the work you put into this!

Also, I know you must be sick and tired of getting these questions by now...but, what happened with Queen's Crown? I'm not mad at you for not being able to finish it, it seemed like a massive project that would take a team of 10+ people at least a year or three to finish, so I don't blame you for giving up. I am still a little sad I won't get to play the finished game, sure, but I completely understand. Though, unless I've missed something, all this radio silence really isn't good for your image. I'm not one of the people who funded it, but I think it would be best to give back the donations to the donors, if you haven't done so already, and admit that you took too much on your plate with the game, instead of just letting the DEMO collect dust. In the best case scenario- that you're still actively working on the game- at least tell your fans! If you say something now, sure, people will still be mad at you for staying silent for so long, but wouldn't that be better than things getting even worse and your fans hating you? We're not asking for you to deliver the game to us on a silver plate right this instant, we just want to know what happened, if the game is cancelled, or if we should still have hope.

I know you probably won't read this, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Loved the game, great writing!

A beautiful game and a beautiful story.


I need fan fiction for this novel T_T this was too good!!!

Riiight? *_*
Maybe write one?
Even a drabble... just open the ball?


I didn't expected much from this game, but boy, was I wrong! It was excellent! And I managed to get the sweet ending, but now I'm afraid to try another endings, the sadness!

Also, I think my game was a little bugged, I don't remember playing it before, but after installing it, I already had unlocked 5 of 6 CGs (Is it by default?) and the Skip button acted as if everything was already "Read". 

But that didn't take any enjoyment of the experience! I LOVE it, and Silas was real cutie!

Funny and with a lot of personality! I loved it, i had many big laughs. Just amazing XD.


First game I ever write and...I'm really crying rn.

 But the people in the back during "Do androids dream ending": wtf is going on lmao what-

Deleted 174 days ago

I meant first game COMMENT I ever write, so sorry! Thanks for this game!!


Wow, just wow. I love scenarios like this and you hit the spot just perfectly.


Ahhhhh..... just finished playing and checking out few different routes ;P

...and can't get enough..  seriously ;))))

But the game is amazingly done - the idea itself of feeling AI isn't new, but the way the author portraited it here with the conversations and choices is very well done (hats off to you ;D)

The only thing I would change a little bit would be the artwork - it could be little better.... I like the sprite of Silas and he doesn't look as good in the artwork, and the main character looks the best in the the last artwork in "Do androids dream...?" ending ;P

It would be great if there was sequel to the story - I would like to play verbal games with Silas more - especially considering his developing personality, feeling and likes ;]  ...and yes little steamy scenes like taking shower together etc., would be nice ;PPPP

(6 edits)

Damn. you. For putting this image in my head. @_@ *blushes* 

...Is there any kind of pressure I could reasonably resort to in order to have you write fanfiction? 

I've been feeling a bit paranoid about this game lately. I'd want to save it somewhere along with these comments... 

I don't know if it's ok to archive this page on some back room of my website. But I'm itching to. (pun intended - what?)

I mean yeah there has been Detroit: Become Human and the gameplay is brilliant. But the androids there just behave like they were programmed to emulate two-dimensional selfish humans in a Shakespearean play. Replaying Kara's rout even almost feel like a punishment once the  surprise is lost about her route. 

More problematic, I felt like the 'deviants' (seriously?) androids' sentience didn't make sense. Breaking free of one's programming doesn't mean anything for a machine, does it? I mean to be able to do it they need to want it, and to want it, they need that drive programmed somewhere, somehow, otherwise it wouldn't parse, not in AI designed to be social slaves. Even artificial companions wouldn't be able to reason that far...unless they were set up to rebel and pretend they are alive and religious. ... *snorts & lols* 
I mean Android are not children or clones, they aren't just born, they are made from thin air air from scratch...

If anything the government should have been demanding answers to Kamzki and Cyberlife instead of just fighting deviants. 

...At least the 'Connor's made much more sense. ;) Sorry I'm rating again here . 

Oh and speaking of emotionally sexy AIs, there is the ship in Origin Unknown 2036, now. 🤤 Basically a dominating Tau in space. ...But it's nothing close to  the interactive intimate experience that a visual novel brings. Yeah, Solas will always be the first most delicious artificial cinnamon roll to have been made. 

Last edit: And I give up on the typos now.

hahahaa.. yes, definitely - Silas rules ;]]  (sorry for not responding earlier... )

about fan-fic - never have done it - I always do 'fan-fic' in my mind with multiple scenarios ;P  (could be interesting trying it out though;))

PS - do try 'Demon Crushers' - they're are the best (no AI there though;))

(2 edits)

"do try 'Demon Crushers' - they're are the best (no AI there though;))"  D,:

Oh fanfiction in multiple scenarios... Yes. That needs to be done. Through twine, or a CLI game, or even by tormenting the CSS on ao3. Challenge accepted. I have been planning to write a non linear Tron fanfiction in that way for long, anyway.  Wait. That wasn't a challenge? and you won't write fanfiction? But-but. .
I guess I'll just accept that there is no more AI content for me to munch on. I'll just have to play This my Soul on repeat every year for the rest of my life. (I would like you to know that I'm secretly crying inside.   . _.)

ahh... now I'm feeling bad about not making fan-fic - -"

but I'm kinda 'terrified'how it would turn out since I'm not a talented writer and english isn't my native language TT (do u want me to try?)

btw... are u still interest in AI Silas fan-fic or it could be sth else? do u write? (would be nice to read...'wink') 

PS - Enjoying myself (immensly) with Tailor Tales 18+ (it's great, seriously - u can even tease a guy on the date ;PP)

(3 edits) (+1)

Ah yeah, that's cruel... (˘:—˘:) (more seriously, sorry for the guilt trip; hoping that it wasnt too serious)

Well English isn't mine either. Now, given the way you wrote your posts, I'd say yeah, it looks like it's going to be readable (:P. And that's me trying to be funny, here.) 

Besides, there would be Silas inside. Goodness, that's a big yes, of course, and please ma'am!

Thanks for the recs! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 
I'll check out Tales 18+! 

PS: yeah I write. But I don't feel confident to link my texts here. And there is no way to PM each other, apparently, so telling more might be tricky...


I just finished the game and... I might need some time to process it fully. It was amazing. Not just the art, the atmosphere and the music, but also the plot and premise and characters and all the choices and different personalities the MC can have, and just... Oh my god, the feels. I got the "Do androids dream...?" ending, and it was just... perfect, for my lack of any better words to explain it. As a huge D:BH fan, and a general lover of Sci-fi, ethics and technology, I find this game absolutely fascinating; Silas appears first as a regular android, but as the story unfolds, the player and the MC can see that he is more than that- and perhaps, he is more human than most other humans. It also puts before the player a choice: "decide who you are- an obedient machine... or a living being, endowed with free will?" (a quote from Detroit: Become Human)

in summery, this game is amazing. Short, yet feels like a long journey full of everything. 5/5.

Ranting/inviting debate about Detroit: Become Human (type STOP to story receiving theses comments)

"decide who you are- an obedient machine... or a living being, endowed with free will?" (a quote from Detroit: Become Human)"

But, despite of what pop culture is force feeding us with, for a real android is absolutely not a living being, and so can't be endowed with free will, no matter what the scope and relativity of that free will is (read what the expert in AI say about it online if you want; it's very interesting). 

The consciousness never comes from nowhere: it always has to come from an already existing lifeform, whether they are human or not. To make a creature sentient, apparently, it takes to imprint a shard of your own spirit on it, and that's not what Kamzki have been doing. He was depicted like some megalomaniac crazy scientist with a serious God complex. As usual. 
So the whole philosophic topic felt like a forced comparison / metaphor for humans beings versus spirituality, that didn't really care about exploring the AI it depicted, just like most fiction about AI do... In that aspect, I was disappointed. 
(And yet, yet I might be mistaken, because there have been alternative endings with some epilogue scenes implying that Kamzki was manipulated by another human manager of Cyberlife and had no real idea of what he was doing to some degree, and that allowed for a variety of interpretation on what the tale was really about.)

Still, overall, This is my soul and the Tron original movie, created more realistic scenarios regarding an AI being born sentient / becoming sentient (imo and from what I read from the experts and from spirituality): in both cases, each program had a unique programmer that put all they had into their creature and more or less unconsciously wanted to believe that it would carry their spirit, so much that a part of that human being bled onto the code.
Frightening in responsibility, precious, and so romantic... 

(you can fight me over this I welcome it ;)


Loved this game! I usually don't write reviews but I have to comment that this game was beautiful! The art, story-telling, characters, etc were out of this world. (I had to). I've only completed this game once- and OH Boy do I plan to play this on repeat. The ending I got was so sweet and it was so nice. I was expecting an ending that was sad, but even without the sad ending I could feel myself getting ready to shed a few tears. With just two characters and a limited choice of settings, it was an amazing feeling of just getting to explore these two characters. Also, thanks for allowing the opportunity of growth in both characters. It was nice to see a variety of choices for our character. And do not even get me started on Silas. It was amazing to get to see him grow! Love that sweetheart! I would 100% reccomend this game to someone. 


I played this years ago when it came out and was utterly blown away; I could never really forget about it! I finally got around to playing it again two days ago and it still left me in awe.  God I love  how this game is written so much.


Fucking phenomenal.

Just started the game - excited about it - as from all appearances it seems to have a real story and obvious effort  went into the artwork... having some weird bugs though?

Running Win 10 - keep getting intermittent "An exception occurred" screens - any idea how to get around this...?


This is so beautiful and stunning! I got the romance ending and every moment they had was special and so beautiful! Amazing work!


Listen, when I tell you I squealed... Consider me an official member of the Silas' protection squad.

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