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First game I ever write and...I'm really crying rn.

 But the people in the back during "Do androids dream ending": wtf is going on lmao what-


Wow, just wow. I love scenarios like this and you hit the spot just perfectly.


Ahhhhh..... just finished playing and checking out few different routes ;P

...and can't get enough..  seriously ;))))

But the game is amazingly done - the idea itself of feeling AI isn't new, but the way the author portraited it here with the conversations and choices is very well done (hats off to you ;D)

The only thing I would change a little bit would be the artwork - it could be little better.... I like the sprite of Silas and he doesn't look as good in the artwork, and the main character looks the best in the the last artwork in "Do androids dream...?" ending ;P

It would be great if there was sequel to the story - I would like to play verbal games with Silas more - especially considering his developing personality, feeling and likes ;]  ...and yes little steamy scenes like taking shower together etc., would be nice ;PPPP

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Damn. you. For putting this image in my head. @_@ *blushes* 

...Is there any kind of pressure I could resonably ressort to in order to have you write fanfiction? 

I've been feeling a bit paranoid about this game lately. I'd want to save it somewhere along with these comments... 

I don't know if it's ok to archive this page on some back room of my website. But I'm itching to. (pun indeeded - what?)

I mean yeah there has been Detroit: Become Human and the gameplay is brillant. But the androids there just behave like they were programmed to emulate two-dimensional selfish humans in a shakespearian play. Replaying Kara's rout even almost feel like a punishment once the  surprise is lost about her route. 

More problematic, I felt like the 'deivants' (seriously?) androids' sentience didn't make sense. Breaking free of one's programming doesn't mean anything for a machine, does it? I mean to be able to do it they need to want it, and to <i>want</i> it, they need that drive programmed somewhere, somehow, otherwise it wouldn't parse, not in AI designed to be social slaves. Even artificial compagnons wouldn't be able to reason that far...<i>unless</i> they were <i>set up</i> to rebel and pretend they are alive and religious. ... *snorts and lol* I mean Android are not children or clones, they aren't just born, they are made from thin air air from scratch...

If anything the government should have been demanding answers to Kamzki and Cyberlife instead of just fighting deviants. 

...At least the 'Connor's made much more sense. ;) Sorry I'm rating again here . 

Oh and there is <a href="">Origin Unknown 2036</a>, now. 🤤 Basically a dominating Tau in space. ...But it's not the same as an interactive and intimate game like vn can be. Solas will always be the first most delicious artificial cinammon roll to have been made. 

Last edit: aaand I give up on the typos now.


I just finished the game and... I might need some time to process it fully. It was amazing. Not just the art, the atmosphere and the music, but also the plot and premise and characters and all the choices and different personalities the MC can have, and just... Oh my god, the feels. I got the "Do androids dream...?" ending, and it was just... perfect, for my lack of any better words to explain it. As a huge D:BH fan, and a general lover of Sci-fi, ethics and technology, I find this game absolutely fascinating; Silas appears first as a regular android, but as the story unfolds, the player and the MC can see that he is more than that- and perhaps, he is more human than most other humans. It also puts before the player a choice: "decide who you are- an obedient machine... or a living being, endowed with free will?" (a quote from Detroit: Become Human)

in summery, this game is amazing. Short, yet feels like a long journey full of everything. 5/5.


Loved this game! I usually don't write reviews but I have to comment that this game was beautiful! The art, story-telling, characters, etc were out of this world. (I had to). I've only completed this game once- and OH Boy do I plan to play this on repeat. The ending I got was so sweet and it was so nice. I was expecting an ending that was sad, but even without the sad ending I could feel myself getting ready to shed a few tears. With just two characters and a limited choice of settings, it was an amazing feeling of just getting to explore these two characters. Also, thanks for allowing the opportunity of growth in both characters. It was nice to see a variety of choices for our character. And do not even get me started on Silas. It was amazing to get to see him grow! Love that sweetheart! I would 100% reccomend this game to someone. 


I played this years ago when it came out and was utterly blown away; I could never really forget about it! I finally got around to playing it again two days ago and it still left me in awe.  God I love  how this game is written so much.


Fucking phenomenal.

Just started the game - excited about it - as from all appearances it seems to have a real story and obvious effort  went into the artwork... having some weird bugs though?

Running Win 10 - keep getting intermittent "An exception occurred" screens - any idea how to get around this...?


This is so beautiful and stunning! I got the romance ending and every moment they had was special and so beautiful! Amazing work!


Listen, when I tell you I squealed... Consider me an official member of the Silas' protection squad.


This was very, very nice. Got me grinning like a fool in my room. 10/10 would teach a robot to love again. <3



I was so touched with the words that you have managed to produce. I even made an account just to comment here because I was really struck with your story. I really like it. I like how you made the mc as someone we all can relate to, I can say. The way she carries herself with someone and the way she acts. We all can agree that the same old "damsel in distress heroine" in those otome games that we play are really getting tiring for us;so much for me that I can't even relate to them because I'm not that kind of person ;-; .  Anyway, I really love the balance of this story, a balance of  romance centered and plot centered. I haven't slept well last night thinking of Silas after getting the Friendly ending, waking up in the middle of the night but only be reminded of Silas and his sacrifice . I even cried after finishing the Romantic ending. I don't know what the Normal ending will give;should I read it or not? Should I explore more of the cutesy stuff Silas told the mc? I can't blame the mc for loving Silas because I too feel that, he's too cute and manly at the same time I JUST WANNA GO AND SEE MORE OF THE STUFF HE TOLD US!!! The art's cute that shows his reaction <3 Truth be told I don't really know how to express how I liked this story because one minute I'm typing this whole comment in capital letters and exclamation point and now like this hahaha but I figured I'll just settle with this. I LOVE SILAS<3



Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!! This game is honestly the most beautiful game I have ever played before in my life! Everything about it is just perfect I can't stop my crying ohmygoodness. I just finished the romantic ending and ughhhhhhhhhh my heart, my soul, everything is crying I just can't Silas...his character as a whole and how the story plays out is so much more awesome than I ever imagined. Also the protagonist is extremely well thought out too, all of it is thought out to the most optimum standard. I've become so attached and now I'm scared to do the other routes...AGHH just the thought of Silas sacrificing himself make me want to cry even more! Throughout the game I became more and more captivated by the story. Especially at the end, jesusweptohmygoodnessholymarysweetmotherofgod the endingggggg every single line was beyond perfect, I can't even express all the emotions I'm currently feeling!!! I'm so happy I found this game, thank you Agashi and team for creating such an enthralling game, I am honestly at a loss for words...thank you, thank you again and again and again!!!!!


THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE!! AHhhhHHHH!! XDDD I love this game, and Silas with all my heart!! I've played a couple times, and it gets better every time. I got the romance first, then the normal, then the friendship (I think?) And I will fully admit, I cried. First in the romance when I thought he gave himself up to get her home safely, and that was only a few tears. And THEN, I find out that he really DID give himself up, and then I cried for reals. ANd It huRT. 

But did I mention that I love Silas with all my heart?? Like, how is it possible to be THIS endearing and cute?? I've always had a weakness for AI's and robots, but this one really hit home. I loved that he was always just "gently" or "slightly" confused, or "politely bewildered", the poor bby. ANd WHen He Said HER ApPEAraNCe waS AlSO PlEasiNg anD ThAT She wAs "Undeniably" SymmETCRICAL aNd HEr EyES WeRe            "Exactly" 30 cm ApART. L I K E  H E  H A D  M E A S U R E D  IT.  O U T  O F    P U R E (??)  C U R I O S I T Y. I swear on Silas's bright blue lips that I rolled from my bed onto the floor, rolled while quietly trying to suppress myself LOUDLY Squealing from joy and enjoying a good 5-minute block of pure fangirling. Complete with pillow screaming, uncontrollable hand motions, and fangasm. There are a lot of smaller things too, that contribute to the overall greatness of it. I went through one route choosing every flirty option. I was NOT DISAPPOINTED. The massage was also the cutest thing asginjsdfkgfs. AND THE WRISTS!! This boi, distracted so easily~ The reoccurring references to them being like teenagers was also a highlight <3  "There is no other way to describe it- he melts at your affection." HNNN("I make you self-conscious? HNNNNNN) Him trying to convey what he's not supposed to feel through eyes that are not meant to see her in that way, the way he waits like a worried puppy at the door during the romance route, like he's afraid you'll be mad so he waits for you to be ready and willing, AND THE KISS. AND THE KISSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THere is MUUUCH to be said on the kiss, but I must say, that both are amazing, I prefer the "MC took the first initiative" one. That was something special. But the engine has TERRIBLE timing. TERRIBLE. I need to stop before I write down the whole story too late, but there are just so many great moments and tiny gems that I cannot get over.

And I must confess, I had played Queen's Crown before this one, and after seeing Emry and Noah (For Later), I didn't think this one would be as good. DING DONG I WAS WRONG. I like the setting and art (I like anime more, but I still can never get enough of Everyone's blushies and smiles) more in the Queen's Crown, but the writing, and Silas, takes the cake here. HIS SMILE CHANGES EVERYTHING. 

But in conclusion, I love everything you've made so far, Agashi. Your two stories are my favorites on here, and some of the only ones so far that I've liked. I look forward to anything else you make, especially if it involves MC and Silas, and hope you know that you are amazing. 

"I am...defective. And I find myself caring less and less"   

                                                 - Silas

*This line still echoes in my head. It is so powerful, and full of meaning and depth, it's the kind of thing that stays with you forever. Thank you again, and kudos to you for changing me and countless others who have loved and enjoyed your game. 

Oh I wonder how do you get that line where Silas took notice of Mc's face


In my play through I got it when he told mc that people find him unnerving and I chose people get unnerved when a handsome guy stares at them, it was so cute!! ^^


This is genuinely one of the most touching games I've ever played. The interactions between Silas and the MC are so realistic and at times incredibly moving. Thank you so much for giving myself and others such a wonderful experience with this VN!

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I can't really think of anything to say that Silvara didn't already, but I can't just not comment.

This game illustrates all the things I love about robot/human romance, and it does it SO WELL. Watching Silas grow as an AI, fighting his programming, realizing that he's malfunctioning and making the choice to accept it... it was just so beautiful.

First playthrough I was confused as to how he was able to be so unique from other robots, so I played again and am glad there was SOME explanation. It's important to me that when people romance robots, they realize that a normal machine simply wouldn't be able to behave romantically. The thing that makes Silas so wonderful is that he's MORE than the typical LAS-51. I'm still thirsty for background story though; I'd love to know why his creator made him different, and how MC and Silas's relationship would progress once they are reintegrated into society.


I got the ending "tears in the rain." It broke my heart. Is there any place I can find a guide for the other endings?


There's no official guide,  per se, but the easiest way to get the other endings is:

--------- SPOILERS ----------

For the Romance end - Put off going back into cryogenic sleep until the last possible moment and then make sure you ask Silas to promise you that he'll be there when you wake up. If you don't see a dialogue option to make him promise, you have to continue insisting that you won't sleep...

To get the "normal" end or the non-romance/non-friendship one, just go back to sleep right away and make sure you DON'T ask about Silas after you've been rescued.


Its rare that a game this short can make a person go through a plethora of emotion. Not ashamed to admit I cried at all the endings.

Beautiful art and A++ writing.


Wow, this game was just wow. Pact with beautiful art, and a beautiful story-line, it had me crying through most of it. :,)


This visual novel may be short, but it's filled to the brim with soul. The sprites are a little stiff, but the CGs are lovely and the writing expressive. Silas has to be one of my favorite characters in any visual novel, and I found myself identifying with him in so many ways; holding back his thoughts and feelings, fighting down any human-like expression. It tore at my heart, and I found myself making sure the MC was as gentle with him as possible. I love "This, My Soul" a great deal. It most certainly deserves more attention and love.

I'm always pleasantly surprised by how many people seem to identify with Silas! I'm really glad he's resonated with people as a character... Thanks so much for the kind words. ♥


I just couldn't help crying when I reached the end . 

The game  opened the gates of a whole new world before my eyes  because the way you approached the '' artificial intelligence''  was very unconventional to me . The story & the inetractions  were  both  heratwarming and refreshing .

 I definitly loved the CGs  & the spirits , particularly Silas' . I also have a little obsession about the title of the game :Thismysoul , it's just very beautiful !   

If I could wish for something to be added to the game , I think it would be more details about Silas's background story.

 Overall , thank you for bringing such a beautiful game to the world , I can't wait to discover more of your creations .


Thank you so much for taking the time to review and leaving such compliments! I apologize I've taken so long to respond! :( Thanks really have to go to the wonderful dev team we put together for this project. Everyone did their part beautifully and I think players have really responded to that. 

As far as Silas and his backstory - I actually DID include more in the first draft of the script (about his creator and his life with the corporation), but the way I wrote it ended up sounding too forced... To keep the dialogue natural - and to meet the Nanoreno deadline - I took out some of the details and left things vague.

I'm really flattered that the game moved you and Silas left you wanting to know more about him! ^^


Holy crap. Silas is too pure for this world. Where can I get an AI like Silas. My god, this vn succeeded pulled a few heart-string from me even though I'm not crying. Damn, the bundle of cuteness will be the end of me.

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EDIT:  Attention, this huge rant review is full of SPOILERS. Just saying. Also, I posted this from my phone and English is not native to me. (Also, there is a list of recommendations about other AIs at the end.)

'This My Soul' was one of the rare most satisfactory thing I experienced involving an AI. 

At one moment, when Silas first displayed anger, I admit I facepalmed (because, who would build and AI with an emotion like anger? The recipe of anger simply defies the 3 Laws, and thus human's safety). That was how little faith I had regarding AI fiction when I first began to play this. 

But then, it appeared that his anger was a factice display motivated by pressure and despair, a last resort tool to persuade humans in life and death situations - and I actually heaved a breath feeling all giddy again. 
Because, when an AI's character stop making sense, it's the narrator itself that feel unreliable.
But you come out and build up a non-linear story with an android who completely makes sense, and is believable even when his already spaghetti code get messier. So seamlessly that you make it look easily done !...

If I wasn't already a long date AI junkie who've experienced all the tropes and some more, Silas would have torn my heart, made me melt, cry, question the definition of humanity, feel closer to him than to the rest of humanity, etc.

Silas' character is so alive that I'm (for what my opinion is worth) deeply and genuinely appreciative and respectful of your tastes.
The details, especially, are very important for me emotionally, and his voice, especially his vulnerability, and his behavior all along the routes pulled at my heart in this visceral, raw way only innocent AIs do. I had to remind myself of the HAL9000, Ex Machina, and Blade Runner kind of AI to get a hold on my heart. (Ah these machines. They 'need' you to keep your marbles to be able to use a screwdriver at any second, and yet they make want nothing more than trust them unconditionally and protect their tiny bits of free-will with all your heart...♡)

What moves me more than anything, more even than getting the privilege to watch one grow through life as a person (a non-human one of course, but definitely a person of sorts), tentatively making their own unique and slow path toward genuine affection, perhaps event love... Well... what completely make me weak is is when one of them becomes different than the rest, realizes it vaguely and, afraid to be dismantled for that, tries his best to hide his ability to emote or have opinions around of humans, or at least do anything it can no feel non-threatening. 

Watching Silas do his best to look uncaring, unfeeling and perfectly boring to the MC through the three-fourths of the game broke my heart.

Part of me understands why humans can't afford to have too sentient AI on Earth, and so, have to keep them in check — after all they had been made as tools because they were needed as such and allowing bots to become chaotic, if not completely rogue is like being masochistic... But on the other hand, some of them should have the right to become more as long as they can prove that they have a sense of empathy at least as reliable as their hard-coded laws. Or human safety protocols. ._.  ... I just want to hug the bytes out of them. x_x

Even the potential 'miracle' (or corruption, depending how we view things) that happen to his inner workings, allowing him to force top priority of an external request above even his safety measures regarding humans can be explained. (By the shock of the the crash - with his body being old, the way his static run on his external shell sometimes and the possibility of a short circuit.) Oh, I admit that the tech in me was freaked out more than once by this bot. But after he reveals that he has been copiously tweaked by his chief maker, I could relax again: long as his software works along its initial design, I can appreciate about any quirk and feeling from an AI. 
Even a medication error is not the end of the world for an AI endowed with a complex empathetic system (I mean most bots can' always be perfect since they've been made and debugged by humans).
Oh there was the possibility that his hardware had gained small liabilities, but even then his software would find a way to adjust and compensate, and the question was cleared as soon as he handled the MC with precise and gentle care. 
No really, I loved everything. 
Do you know how often I've had the privilege and luck to say something like that in a love story involving a female MC? Rarely enough to feel a strong desire to pay for This My Soul. (And that's something, considering that I'm currently broke.)
And you made me design an android by the pronoun 'him'. I don't do that. Not because I'm not touched or loving them, but simply because the little that's transparent of their emotional matrix through their story usually don't warrant such a designation. A it (or a r-him or r-her or a h-it, even) thinks and emotes and can be complex. But a 'him or a 'her', in my world, has to develop their own recipe of feeling from reasoning alone to qualify.
Ah I'm rambling. Sorry.
Another point I grew afraid of at a point by the end was that the MC would only romantically want Silas if he was virile or physically stronger (something that would have made me felt alienated from her quicker than anything). But, in the end, she had a cue to shift the power balance just a bit, namely with the kiss.
However, that's a daring thing to do.
After all, for a character to touch a bot without looking like they're either:
- abusing its program (well, the second Asimovian law of obedience or an equivalence), 
- looking for a sexbot (you have no idea how much my respect for the MC went up when she acknowledged and accepted her feelings for an android without wondering if he was built like a Ken. That concern feel like the most pettiest thing ever in these relationships. — I mean, for the love of everything, they should either buy a toy or find themselves a sexbot dumb enough to be treated like an upgradable tool if that's the major concern)
- or deluding themselves with the grotesque and chauvinist expectation that <i>the droid is magically going to get 'more human' out of love.</i> ... =___=

Well, to avoid that all, you have to be careful. As in go slowly, prove that the bot's AI is about 99% willing, etc. 
I'm sincerely grateful that you took care of this all, because falling into one of these tropes would have been a disheartening game over for me.

Also, in these kind of games, let admit it, we're there for the AI - the kind we that we can't get anywhere but in fiction yet - more than for the plot itself. And so there's always a moment I feel like saying to the MC "okay, push yourself, get aside just a minute, lemme, please,  talk to him here". And that happen when the AI feels solid but the MC feels lacking a way or another and you know things are going to end very bad due to miscommunication. XD

But, to my surprised, despite of Silas being wonderful and pushing about 98% of my buttons... this frustration never happened to me in This My Soul. In the best routes, the MC was cute. Like really cute; and not passive enough to feel like a fool, or useless, or weak-willed. (Did I mention that I loved the fact she hasn't got an European appearance? This is rare and very welcome and made her even prettier, in a way. Beside it provides a artsy contrast with Silas' pale albino-like features.) I couldn't help but make a screenshot of her blushing face.  ♡

So yeah, I'm very picky about my fictional AIs, but I'd rate This My Soul 9 out of 10, and Silas 9.99 out of 10, easily.

... One thing I missed a little, at the very end of the romance ending, was the absence of clue on the reaction of the two lab coats who were supposed to be there when she got out. If you had them present, they certainly that was because you had meant them to react to the scene? ...

It didn't have to be an expression of their opinion on Silas and the MC relationship, it didn't have to lampshade their future, it could just be a brief fleeting description just for the sake of fun. I'd be a little stunned and awkward in their place. ^^

Now, to adjust my initial comment before I played the game, I must say that the routes, the AI and certainly the graphics and sprites felt superior to those of the visual novel That Cheap and Sacred Thing. Probably because the AIs there weren't really the focus of the theme. I don't know.  (Well, they were, but not really.)

Now I don't know what you usually like or weather you already have had those, but if your cup of tea is not mechanical slaves posing as human to reassure its chauvinist masters... 
...I'd recommend the recent games The Turing Test, Portal Stories Mel - the poorly known movies Automata, Tau, I Am Mother, Her - the TV shows Humans - the short books The Dogcatcher (similar to this game with an android just every byte as virile yet lovable as Silas), Eros Philia Agape (xenofiction with key on focus on moral problems in the romance between a deluded human woman and an android who decides to stop lying. Batteries Not Required, Body Electric; The Android's Bride (C-Raptin is so cool he should be a reference), The Mad Scientist Daughter, and a few others decent ones I would still rather not disclose publicly.
I wouldn't mind if anyone had recommendations for me, beside of the media I mentioned and the older classics. That's be very nice. 

Wow.  Sorry for the rant. It's the emotion... xD

PS : If you tell me you're neither working on the field or are not long time hobbyist about AIs, I'd say you're a HP. ...Which one can it be?  I'm being a little curious and wouldn't mind to chat sometimes if you feel like it. No worry, I don't write long comments in chat. But if this question is intrusive, disregard it, please.

Also, if you ever write something else with an AI all means, I'd take it. I'm afraid that I've fallen deeply in love with your non-linear character building abilities!

I think I've read in a comment from you letting appear that you wouldn't dismiss the possibility of writing more about Silas. After this game, it might feel difficult to deliver something just as well-polished. About that, I'd like to say that this is not necessary or really expected. At this point, I'd dare to say that most of those who played the good or bad Affection Route would be glad to get to see the characters again, no matter how. Any form, and length, and almost any quality would make me very happy.


This is year later, and I can't forget this work; I want to promote it more widely (I already use it as a reference - online and even at work ^^;) 

In fact, would it be okay for me to publish online fanfiction about This My Soul? I feel like it'd deserve its own fanbase.

(Time Capsule PS: if you one day, even 50+ years later, you don't want to keep this account, by all mean, please, don't remove this brilliant work from the web!)


Wow, I admire your passion for android/AI fiction and I'm really glad this game was able to scratch that itch for you! ;) I'll try my best, but I don't know if anything I say is going to do justice to such a long, well-thought-out comment! 

It's wonderful to hear you enjoyed the AI aspect of the game in particular, since it's something I really wanted to approach in a certain way. I was mostly inspired by androids from film: Vision from the Avengers, David from Prometheus, Roy Batty from Blade Runner... I even borrowed quotes from the last (book and movie) for the ending titles. :) I've always been really enamored with the idea of these manmade creatures experiencing humanity and - in some cases - showing that they themselves can exemplify humanity's best traits... I'm glad I'm not the only one drawn to those types of stories!

Thanks so much for the recommendations (I'll definitely be checking out some of the romances you mentioned) and the kind words in your review. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for a reply. I admit I was a little intimidated, haha...  

(12 edits)

Sorry again for taking so much place from the comment page. I didn't mean it. It's just...I was feeling so exhilarated after playing and these were things I've always wanted to say about AIs, and after experiencing Silas... well it was too much emotion to keep silent. 

^^ Again, thank you for building this! and for anything Silas related that may come to be in the far future. (If it's about this game, it could never be too short, too light and definitely never too sweet~after such a strongly moving plot, nothing about it could be called corny.)

I would also suggest that you try to put this game on Steam! I'm pretty sure there is an audience for it that'd be joyous to pay for something like it there.

(Sorry for being too intense. Just ignore me if necessary, I'd understand.) Intimidated? Says the one who wrote and coded one of the most meaningful and elegant visual novel in the world featuring an AI! ^^


Thank you. <3


This game is AMAZING. I am in such an emotional mess right now, I'm on the verge of tears because this game is that damn good. Well done! I absolutely loved the story and how effectively it was told. Usually I get bored whilst playing VN's but I was entertained constantly bc there was never a dull moment, something always felt at stake and I thoroughly enjoyed this mASTERPIECE! I've only done the romance route so far but I'm so happy and satisfied with that ending that I might just replay the same route again. Also, once more congrats on this stellar game!! 

Thanks so much! Glad the pace kept you invested!

Is Queen's Crown ever returning? If so, when and how much will it cost?

Give us the game!


Ok so scifi is usually not my thing but I wanted to try something different and your story looked interesting. I AM SO GLAD THIS EXISTS! This story has changed my whole way of thinking of what I want from an experience and I totally fell in love with it. It is easily in my top favorites now. Silas and MC are so great and I loved all choice options and responses to your actions. Very well done <3

High compliments! Thank you! :D


Thank you so much for making this game! I already played all three routes, and while I agree that the normal ending was a little lacking, I feel like it's sort of understandable - you as the player chose not to learn more about Silas, so it's your own fault that your journey with him is kind of awkward :)

The friendship and especially the romance however were beautifully written and rewarding. I also loved the romance ending, although it was a little strange for me that Silas and the main character had that whole romantic conversation apparently with the other two rescuers still in the room. I think adding just a few more lines where they are left alone would have made the ending feel smoother.

The CGs are also beautiful, and I'd love to tell you my favourite parts but I'd rather not post any spoilers here.


AWWW i actually cried for all three routes, man it was touching ! and i love their interactions asorogijprg thank you! it was an enjoyable game~ <3


The characters body appearance seems a bit awkward and stiff... plus it's a little upsetting when the CGs had already been opened even when I haven't reached the certain events...

However, the interaction between MC and Silas is flowing lively and never I regret to repeat the reading of this vn :)


I started by playing the romance route and I have to say that I LOVE the interaction you can have with Silas, but not only that. It is very important for me to see the characters personality develop throughout the game, and you delivered. We could see Silas change little by little, and it was very satisfying to see. The story in itself is very interesting, I never thought I could fall in love with a robot, and yet because of your amazing story telling, I did. In my opinion, you are very talented and I really hope to see more games from you! 


I got this when you first released it and I was blown away. Just finished playing it again and still am blown away by it. The development in this story, my own heart strings were yanked and pulled all over again only this time, I didn't cry like a baby with the "true" ending. 

Strangely enough, I was more pulled into Silas than the MC, emotionally. I understand how he feels despite his programming and AI. It was like crafting my own emotional issues in the form of an android and I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to feel about it. If anything, I wish I could see how this relationship expands and if Silas learns more about himself, if at all. To see how the MC handles this ever-changing MAN that Silas has become.

Overall....I loved it so much, I'd pay you.

This review really made my day. I think it's wonderful that you identified so strongly with Silas, and that his struggles made sense to you... I do imagine much more in terms of character growth for him in the future, but I'm content to let the story lie - as is - for now. 

Thank you so much for the kind words and the support. They really mean a lot to me. T-T


This game was really well done! While the good ending was really heartwarming, I couldn't help but think of the worst possible outcome. If the company that produced androids found out that an android had overridden their 'human safety protocol', wouldn't that be really bad? The fact that Silas exists means machinery could 'go rogue', so to speak. I mean, in this case the overriding ended well but that'd be a huge liability. 

Maybe I'm reading too much into it xD I do hope these two have their happy ending, though!


It would indeed be really bad if the company found out... I like to think that Silas and MC made a decent life for themselves on the run though. The universe is a huge place; easy to get lost in. So long as they didn't cause any trouble after getting away, I think they'd be fine. :)

And I'm not sure if this might help set your mind at ease or not, but... Silas didn't really 'go rogue' per se... You remember the blast that took out their first ship, the Spirit? It was strong enough to hurt MC severely and I believe she wonders at one point if it could be the root cause of Silas' malfunction. There is also a subtle moment in Silas' dialogue later on where he mentions that his creator... personalized him. MC ponders whether or not any illegal tinkering might have occurred, but it's only mentioned briefly. Either of these things could have made Silas the way he is; or possibly a combination of BOTH.

It's left ambiguous, and I think it works best without me trying to over-explain the exact hows and whys... but I think it's safe to say that Silas' circumstances are pretty unique. ^^ 

Thanks for the comment! I've been waiting to talk about this for a while, if you can't tell. Haha...


Wow. This was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. 

I started with the non-romance/non-friendship ending (because I like to do things the wrong way around), and I have to admit that while it was good, it wasn't amazing. Then I worked my way through the friendship and romance paths (in that order) and my mind was totally blown. The complexity of the characters and their relationship was masterful, and I loved how they called into question what humanity really means. During the romance path, when Silas starts talking about how he never had a choice, I swear you could hear my heart breaking. 

That was a long-winded way of saying that I loved this game and hope to play many more from its creators!

LOL I play games the same exact way! To the point where I try to predict which romances I'll like the best (in games with more than one) and "save" those for last. xD

I really appreciate you taking the time to play all the way through each route and give us your thoughts! I'll be the first to admit that the non-romance/non-friendship end was something of a casualty to the time restraints of Nanoreno, so I'm glad to hear it was satisfying to you, even if it wasn't great. ^^' Thank goodness the other two routes left you with a good impression of the game! 

Thank you very much for the feedback!


I really enjoyed it, but there was one cg in the gallery I did not get but was shown anyway, which felt a little bit spoilery. The bgm was relaxing!

Ah, sorry about that! I hope that didn't ruin the experience for you!


OMG, this game is really a masterpiece of the masterpieces!!! I so gotta bow down to you for the so very many and complicated choices! O o O

I only accept the best (happy) ending as true ending, so really thank you so very much for it!!! Bad endings break my heart, especially types like yours - it hurts so much that I wanna hurt myself physically - to somehow lessen my terrible heartache... ╥﹏╥...

Btw, it's such a pity that it's so short! How I wish it could be far more longer - I would really really really love to see their romance continuation story! (☆▽☆) + (¯﹃¯) ~

Lastly, thank you so very much for sharing your game; so very glad to have come across and played it!!! (*^▽^*)

o.O Ah, don't say such things!! Lol, thank you for the kind words and yes, I might have liked to make the game longer, but then we would have had to answer a lot of awkward questions:

  • How will the rest of society accept their relationship? 
  • Won't the company that bought Silas' commission want him back since he's technically their property? 
  • Will Silas' malfunctions not get worse over time? 
  • How would MC and Silas... uh... consummate their love? 
  • Would they?

Haha, I decided pretty early on that I wanted the players to be able to imagine the answers to all of those questions on their own. I hope the element of unknown will keep people thinking about this little game of mine longer. ;) Thanks so much for leaving a comment!


1. How will the rest of society accept their relationship? 

2. Won't the company that bought Silas' commission want him back since he's technically their property? 

3. Will Silas' malfunctions not get worse over time? 

4. How would MC and Silas... uh... consummate their love? 

5. Would they?

1. Like the two lab coats do in the friendship ending; with pity, condescending patience, and awkwardness. Probably thinking 'how pathetic, she must have been very lonely to consider a tinman a friend' or 'yepee, yet another self deluded dreamer who think its machine feel anything for her' and sometimes, 'she's probably crazy and dangerous'.

2. Absolutely. So they have to elope. ˆˆ And to scavenge from bot facilities, rerout power sources, and live in shady hacker dens to sleep and work.  Or Silas can decide to be transfered into the MC's home computer (granted that those exist and hers have enough space to store him, live or powered off) the time for those who search him forget about him, when he can then be transfered into a new body (buying a bare bone discount shell of his base model could do). 

 Or the MC can make a huge bet while Silas is not online by buying him with a loan shark's money or by selling her house and taking a ridiculous hugebank credit. The fact her mental health may depend on it + Silas is too quircky to do reliable work for them but it still had cost them a lot + the MC is willing to return them their money and take judiciary responsibility for the tin, would convince them to sell, no? Silas can make a lot of relatively shady money to pay the dept, afterward. I'm sure there are more than one or two ways for a creative girl and a solid bot to do that. 

3. Very probably. And that could be the plot of another story: how will Silas readjust his human safety protocols to fit among humans and bots now that he knows he can do it?

4 and 5. Five routes. One: Physically. Who cares if he is built like a Ken? I don't remember the MC complaining that Silas had a dry mouth or that he tasted toxic or motor oil. Two: pink plastic bunnies. Third: electricity and music tingles XD. Fourth *blushes*: harmless code tweaking for happiness loops (self combust from shame). Fifth: they play poker and chess. The Ace way.



This was wonderful! I got all(?) three endings and I suspect there was additional content in the middle I could have seen if I had tried different answers but I didn't have the heart to choose the ones that felt dehumanizing, haha. Maybe later...

I really liked the attention put into the details and logic of his 'malfunctions' and how he finds ways of reinterpreting protocol to begin to make choices and has mixed feelings about doing so, particularly the argument about her going back to cryo-sleep. That was awesome and so well written and thought out! 

I think my 'favorite' ending was the sad one, because it had such a bite to it (I got a little choked up), but I'm glad the happy one existed too.

Ah, that's really great! I'm glad you enjoyed the game enough to get all the different endings! ^^

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning the events surrounding his malfunctions. I tried really hard to keep those things consistent and recurrent without shoving them down the players' throats. xD I wasn't sure how successful I was at striking a balance with it, so I'm super excited and relieved to hear that it worked for you, at least, hahaha...



God this game played with my heartstrings. I cried after, and I got the happy ending, haha. Please continue to make games, especially if they are like this. I love the kinda constant question of Silas' humanity. It reminds me a bit of a VN that I cant remember the name of that also includes androids learning to love. Its always been an interesting concept to me... What humanity is, and what can have emotion. 

Anyway, it was an awesome game, thank you so much for sharing it with us.



Haha, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it!  Android love is a huge guilty pleasure of mine and I was happy to explore it here... The idea that humanity might have to be redefined if AI ever becomes advanced enough has always been super fascinating to me after seeing movies like Ex Machina, Prometheus, and Blade Runner, so I'm happy I got to share that with everyone. :)

Thanks for leaving a comment! ~ ♥

I had a lot of fun with this visual novel and I think it was great for being free.  While I didn't think as highly of it as I think I would have had I gotten a better ending, I still had fun with it on a livestream on my youtube channel...

Feel free to watch my first and only experience with this VN here:

Hello! I'm actually the writer of This, My Soul and I'm really appreciative that you took the time to play through this whole Nanoreno project of ours! :) Er, while I certainly wish you had enjoyed it more than you seem to have, I can definitely see why it wasn't to your taste. 

Part of it might possibly have been because you got locked into the non-romance path pretty early on, and I think it's the friendship and romance paths that have been the most popular? I admit I put a little less polish and effort into that route than the others, as most of the potential players seemed like they would be more interested in the romance... but that's my own fault and yours is still a totally valid way of playing through the game. A little less emotionally fulfilling, though, as you could see... :/

The other two paths (particularly the romance route) also contain more information regarding Silas himself and WHY he is the way he is. Again, this is a bit unfulfilling for players only interested in the non-romance route, but I pretty much figured that anyone playing that path would be uninterested in getting to know Silas and figuring out what his mysteries were. He is, as Angel kept helpfully pointing out, a robot, lol.

I still really enjoyed your stream though! I was pretty embarrassed at times, but it made me laugh at others. Thanks again for taking the time to do this and I'll work to improve on my content in the future!

- Lee Almonte aka Agashi

Wow, thanks for the comment Lee. Now I'm maybe curious enough to try it again and maybe try to be a little more ummm "dumb" I guess and be more romantic towards what seems to be a heartless and emotionless robot lol.

Don't get me wrong, i think I had a lot of fun with this VN, but I think the ending in particular was just ehhh unsatisfying, at least with the route I took. I have a feeling that you are right and that if I had gotten a different ending, it would probably have led to a less unsatisfied climax on my part and i likely would have given it much higher score then basic 5 out of 10. Let's put it this way, the first hour or two of my reading I'd probably put at about an 8, then it felt like it kinda dragged on and on hour number 2 to 3.5 or so, then the ending just didn't feel worth it all and took down what probably started off as an 8 initially (or perhaps even higher if it had a REALLY good ending)

Anyhow great job, please don't feel discouraged at my initial score because for a free visual novel, it is really good and also really well written. If you have any other VN's you'd like me to look at (even if they cost money), please let me know! I'd love to read more from you, and perhaps will try this one again in the future right here on my channel!

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i got the Tears Ending first and my heart's literally broken rn lol. Btw, is it possible to get all of the CG's (Kiss CG 'n stuff) but DONT get the Romantic/Happy End? Because if Tear's supposed to be the romantic end, that'd be even more heartbreaking considering that they're not together ._. I'd appreciate it if someone could explain this to me :)

Second request, could someone  explain me how to get the other endings? I just can't seem to get them and i didnt find and walktroughs in the internet..

(Sry that i'm just asking questions, once i got all of the endings i'll write a proper review of the game, but first i want to enjoy full-game-experience haha :D)


komae :)

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Haha, there's just one CG that is only unlockable in the Romantic End. You can technically get the kiss scene and still get the "Tears in the Rain" ending which is the Friendship end. It's just a friendship with romantic seasoning ;) This is part of why I avoided simply labeling  the endings in the game as normal, friendship, romance, etc... There's a lot of grey area and depending on how you play, your "friendship" with Silas could potentially unfold more romantically than the happy, romantic ending!

But regardless, the happiest ending is called "Do Androids Dream?" and it sounds like you were right on track until the very end where you have to:

------- SPOILERS -------

Put off going back into cryogenic sleep until the last possible moment and then make sure you ask Silas to promise you that he'll be there when you wake up. The sneaky android will take matters into his own hands if you don't...

To get the "normal" end or the non-romance/non-friendship one, just go back to sleep right away and make sure you DON'T ask about Silas immediately after you're rescued.

I hope the true romantic ending will help heal you're broken heart, at least a little! ^^ Thanks so much for leaving a comment, and if you do decide to finish the other routes, please let us know what you think! Bad or good, I always appreciate feedback.

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