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Thank you. <3


This game is AMAZING. I am in such an emotional mess right now, I'm on the verge of tears because this game is that damn good. Well done! I absolutely loved the story and how effectively it was told. Usually I get bored whilst playing VN's but I was entertained constantly bc there was never a dull moment, something always felt at stake and I thoroughly enjoyed this mASTERPIECE! I've only done the romance route so far but I'm so happy and satisfied with that ending that I might just replay the same route again. Also, once more congrats on this stellar game!! 

Ok so scifi is usually not my thing but I wanted to try something different and your story looked interesting. I AM SO GLAD THIS EXISTS! This story has changed my whole way of thinking of what I want from an experience and I totally fell in love with it. It is easily in my top favorites now. Silas and MC are so great and I loved all choice options and responses to your actions. Very well done <3

Thank you so much for making this game! I already played all three routes, and while I agree that the normal ending was a little lacking, I feel like it's sort of understandable - you as the player chose not to learn more about Silas, so it's your own fault that your journey with him is kind of awkward :)

The friendship and especially the romance however were beautifully written and rewarding. I also loved the romance ending, although it was a little strange for me that Silas and the main character had that whole romantic conversation apparently with the other two rescuers still in the room. I think adding just a few more lines where they are left alone would have made the ending feel smoother.

The CGs are also beautiful, and I'd love to tell you my favourite parts but I'd rather not post any spoilers here.

AWWW i actually cried for all three routes, man it was touching ! and i love their interactions asorogijprg thank you! it was an enjoyable game~ <3

The characters body appearance seems a bit awkward and stiff... plus it's a little upsetting when the CGs had already been opened even when I haven't reached the certain events...

However, the interaction between MC and Silas is flowing lively and never I regret to repeat the reading of this vn :)

I started by playing the romance route and I have to say that I LOVE the interaction you can have with Silas, but not only that. It is very important for me to see the characters personality develop throughout the game, and you delivered. We could see Silas change little by little, and it was very satisfying to see. The story in itself is very interesting, I never thought I could fall in love with a robot, and yet because of your amazing story telling, I did. In my opinion, you are very talented and I really hope to see more games from you! 

I got this when you first released it and I was blown away. Just finished playing it again and still am blown away by it. The development in this story, my own heart strings were yanked and pulled all over again only this time, I didn't cry like a baby with the "true" ending. 

Strangely enough, I was more pulled into Silas than the MC, emotionally. I understand how he feels despite his programming and AI. It was like crafting my own emotional issues in the form of an android and I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to feel about it. If anything, I wish I could see how this relationship expands and if Silas learns more about himself, if at all. To see how the MC handles this ever-changing MAN that Silas has become.

Overall....I loved it so much, I'd pay you.

This review really made my day. I think it's wonderful that you identified so strongly with Silas, and that his struggles made sense to you... I do imagine much more in terms of character growth for him in the future, but I'm content to let the story lie - as is - for now. 

Thank you so much for the kind words and the support. They really mean a lot to me. T-T


This game was really well done! While the good ending was really heartwarming, I couldn't help but think of the worst possible outcome. If the company that produced androids found out that an android had overridden their 'human safety protocol', wouldn't that be really bad? The fact that Silas exists means machinery could 'go rogue', so to speak. I mean, in this case the overriding ended well but that'd be a huge liability. 

Maybe I'm reading too much into it xD I do hope these two have their happy ending, though!


It would indeed be really bad if the company found out... I like to think that Silas and MC made a decent life for themselves on the run though. The universe is a huge place; easy to get lost in. So long as they didn't cause any trouble after getting away, I think they'd be fine. :)

And I'm not sure if this might help set your mind at ease or not, but... Silas didn't really 'go rogue' per se... You remember the blast that took out their first ship, the Spirit? It was strong enough to hurt MC severely and I believe she wonders at one point if it could be the root cause of Silas' malfunction. There is also a subtle moment in Silas' dialogue later on where he mentions that his creator... personalized him. MC ponders whether or not any illegal tinkering might have occurred, but it's only mentioned briefly. Either of these things could have made Silas the way he is; or possibly a combination of BOTH.

It's left ambiguous, and I think it works best without me trying to over-explain the exact hows and whys... but I think it's safe to say that Silas' circumstances are pretty unique. ^^ 

Thanks for the comment! I've been waiting to talk about this for a while, if you can't tell. Haha...


Wow. This was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. 

I started with the non-romance/non-friendship ending (because I like to do things the wrong way around), and I have to admit that while it was good, it wasn't amazing. Then I worked my way through the friendship and romance paths (in that order) and my mind was totally blown. The complexity of the characters and their relationship was masterful, and I loved how they called into question what humanity really means. During the romance path, when Silas starts talking about how he never had a choice, I swear you could hear my heart breaking. 

That was a long-winded way of saying that I loved this game and hope to play many more from its creators!

LOL I play games the same exact way! To the point where I try to predict which romances I'll like the best (in games with more than one) and "save" those for last. xD

I really appreciate you taking the time to play all the way through each route and give us your thoughts! I'll be the first to admit that the non-romance/non-friendship end was something of a casualty to the time restraints of Nanoreno, so I'm glad to hear it was satisfying to you, even if it wasn't great. ^^' Thank goodness the other two routes left you with a good impression of the game! 

Thank you very much for the feedback!


I really enjoyed it, but there was one cg in the gallery I did not get but was shown anyway, which felt a little bit spoilery. The bgm was relaxing!

Ah, sorry about that! I hope that didn't ruin the experience for you!


OMG, this game is really a masterpiece of the masterpieces!!! I so gotta bow down to you for the so very many and complicated choices! O o O

I only accept the best (happy) ending as true ending, so really thank you so very much for it!!! Bad endings break my heart, especially types like yours - it hurts so much that I wanna hurt myself physically - to somehow lessen my terrible heartache... ╥﹏╥...

Btw, it's such a pity that it's so short! How I wish it could be far more longer - I would really really really love to see their romance continuation story! (☆▽☆) + (¯﹃¯) ~

Lastly, thank you so very much for sharing your game; so very glad to have come across and played it!!! (*^▽^*)

o.O Ah, don't say such things!! Lol, thank you for the kind words and yes, I might have liked to make the game longer, but then we would have had to answer a lot of awkward questions:

  • How will the rest of society accept their relationship? 
  • Won't the company that bought Silas' commission want him back since he's technically their property? 
  • Will Silas' malfunctions not get worse over time? 
  • How would MC and Silas... uh... consummate their love? 
  • Would they?

Haha, I decided pretty early on that I wanted the players to be able to imagine the answers to all of those questions on their own. I hope the element of unknown will keep people thinking about this little game of mine longer. ;) Thanks so much for leaving a comment!


This was wonderful! I got all(?) three endings and I suspect there was additional content in the middle I could have seen if I had tried different answers but I didn't have the heart to choose the ones that felt dehumanizing, haha. Maybe later...

I really liked the attention put into the details and logic of his 'malfunctions' and how he finds ways of reinterpreting protocol to begin to make choices and has mixed feelings about doing so, particularly the argument about her going back to cryo-sleep. That was awesome and so well written and thought out! 

I think my 'favorite' ending was the sad one, because it had such a bite to it (I got a little choked up), but I'm glad the happy one existed too.

Ah, that's really great! I'm glad you enjoyed the game enough to get all the different endings! ^^

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning the events surrounding his malfunctions. I tried really hard to keep those things consistent and recurrent without shoving them down the players' throats. xD I wasn't sure how successful I was at striking a balance with it, so I'm super excited and relieved to hear that it worked for you, at least, hahaha...



God this game played with my heartstrings. I cried after, and I got the happy ending, haha. Please continue to make games, especially if they are like this. I love the kinda constant question of Silas' humanity. It reminds me a bit of a VN that I cant remember the name of that also includes androids learning to love. Its always been an interesting concept to me... What humanity is, and what can have emotion. 

Anyway, it was an awesome game, thank you so much for sharing it with us.



Haha, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it!  Android love is a huge guilty pleasure of mine and I was happy to explore it here... The idea that humanity might have to be redefined if AI ever becomes advanced enough has always been super fascinating to me after seeing movies like Ex Machina, Prometheus, and Blade Runner, so I'm happy I got to share that with everyone. :)

Thanks for leaving a comment! ~ ♥

I had a lot of fun with this visual novel and I think it was great for being free.  While I didn't think as highly of it as I think I would have had I gotten a better ending, I still had fun with it on a livestream on my youtube channel...

Feel free to watch my first and only experience with this VN here:

Hello! I'm actually the writer of This, My Soul and I'm really appreciative that you took the time to play through this whole Nanoreno project of ours! :) Er, while I certainly wish you had enjoyed it more than you seem to have, I can definitely see why it wasn't to your taste. 

Part of it might possibly have been because you got locked into the non-romance path pretty early on, and I think it's the friendship and romance paths that have been the most popular? I admit I put a little less polish and effort into that route than the others, as most of the potential players seemed like they would be more interested in the romance... but that's my own fault and yours is still a totally valid way of playing through the game. A little less emotionally fulfilling, though, as you could see... :/

The other two paths (particularly the romance route) also contain more information regarding Silas himself and WHY he is the way he is. Again, this is a bit unfulfilling for players only interested in the non-romance route, but I pretty much figured that anyone playing that path would be uninterested in getting to know Silas and figuring out what his mysteries were. He is, as Angel kept helpfully pointing out, a robot, lol.

I still really enjoyed your stream though! I was pretty embarrassed at times, but it made me laugh at others. Thanks again for taking the time to do this and I'll work to improve on my content in the future!

- Lee Almonte aka Agashi

Wow, thanks for the comment Lee. Now I'm maybe curious enough to try it again and maybe try to be a little more ummm "dumb" I guess and be more romantic towards what seems to be a heartless and emotionless robot lol.

Don't get me wrong, i think I had a lot of fun with this VN, but I think the ending in particular was just ehhh unsatisfying, at least with the route I took. I have a feeling that you are right and that if I had gotten a different ending, it would probably have led to a less unsatisfied climax on my part and i likely would have given it much higher score then basic 5 out of 10. Let's put it this way, the first hour or two of my reading I'd probably put at about an 8, then it felt like it kinda dragged on and on hour number 2 to 3.5 or so, then the ending just didn't feel worth it all and took down what probably started off as an 8 initially (or perhaps even higher if it had a REALLY good ending)

Anyhow great job, please don't feel discouraged at my initial score because for a free visual novel, it is really good and also really well written. If you have any other VN's you'd like me to look at (even if they cost money), please let me know! I'd love to read more from you, and perhaps will try this one again in the future right here on my channel!

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i got the Tears Ending first and my heart's literally broken rn lol. Btw, is it possible to get all of the CG's (Kiss CG 'n stuff) but DONT get the Romantic/Happy End? Because if Tear's supposed to be the romantic end, that'd be even more heartbreaking considering that they're not together ._. I'd appreciate it if someone could explain this to me :)

Second request, could someone  explain me how to get the other endings? I just can't seem to get them and i didnt find and walktroughs in the internet..

(Sry that i'm just asking questions, once i got all of the endings i'll write a proper review of the game, but first i want to enjoy full-game-experience haha :D)


komae :)

(Edited 2 times)

Haha, there's just one CG that is only unlockable in the Romantic End. You can technically get the kiss scene and still get the "Tears in the Rain" ending which is the Friendship end. It's just a friendship with romantic seasoning ;) This is part of why I avoided simply labeling  the endings in the game as normal, friendship, romance, etc... There's a lot of grey area and depending on how you play, your "friendship" with Silas could potentially unfold more romantically than the happy, romantic ending!

But regardless, the happiest ending is called "Do Androids Dream?" and it sounds like you were right on track until the very end where you have to:

------- SPOILERS -------

Put off going back into cryogenic sleep until the last possible moment and then make sure you ask Silas to promise you that he'll be there when you wake up. The sneaky android will take matters into his own hands if you don't...

To get the "normal" end or the non-romance/non-friendship one, just go back to sleep right away and make sure you DON'T ask about Silas immediately after you're rescued.

I hope the true romantic ending will help heal you're broken heart, at least a little! ^^ Thanks so much for leaving a comment, and if you do decide to finish the other routes, please let us know what you think! Bad or good, I always appreciate feedback.


I love it that makes me wonder how could you just give it away as a free game (not that I complain though).  Thanks so much!

Definitely look forward to anything comes from you in the future!! ^^

You are very sweet. :) Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to leave a comment!~ ♥


i love just everything about this game! The art, the writing, even the fact it made me cry. I'm very glad I got Do Androids Dream before Tears or there would have been even more crying! I delayed writing this, trying to think of like...helpful stuff? Or better phrasing? But you've successfully reduced me to "I love this android" and some intermixed sobbing! 

Loooool.... That's amazing, thank you!

fantastic work, i loved this one! The dialogue from kyndle was loads of fun, and i often had trouble picking what i wanted to say because they were all great options. I got the Do Androids Dream ending first, and it was incredibly heart-wrenching.. or at least, i thought it was, until I got the friendship ending. Had i gotten that ending first, I probably would have burst into tears live on stream. Silas is a really fun character as well, and I loved how he grew over the story!

Ah, I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you can, please send me a link to your stream. I'd love to watch it! Thanks so much. ^^

First I got the Tears ending, then finally I managed Android Dream ending. flipping loved it, especially the Dream ending, though it took me three tries to find it. Thank you for making this!


You're welcome! I'm really glad you liked it enough to try for different endings. ^^ Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!


Ownnn in love with this game (and in love with Silas too <3), I really enjoyed to play and even after one day that I finished to play, still can't get out of my mind! Perfect!!

To say that the story stuck with you even after you finished playing it is a wonderful compliment. ^///^ Thank you so much!

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I've not played it yet (as it's still donwloading)...but something tells me that I'm going to love the bits out of this game.

And now that I read the other comments, my feeling is a little further confirmed. So...have some stars already: 🌠🌟

By the way, say, could you make it possible for us to give money (so that I can get the game to be displayed under the "owned" category on my page)

PS: Oh, would you happen to know the visual novel entitled "This Cheap and Sacred Thing"? Has it been any form of inspiration for this game, or did you just decide to write an über game with a robot just because?

Haha, thanks for checking it out. ^^ I haven't played that game, actually. I'd never even heard of it tbh, but when I googled, I was pleasantly surprised by all the praise. I may have to check it out later!

Ah, I sympathize with you wanting your games all listed neatly in one place (I'm pretty particular about that kind of thing myself), but I can't accept money for this game, unfortunately. Everyone who worked on this game did so for free, and I wouldn't feel right unless we split any revenue/donations equally... And that's just not practical considering the small amount we would get. Splitting 10-20$ a month between 6-7 people for the foreseeable future is just not a good use of my time right now.... :( Sorry.

I hope despite this you will enjoy the game anyway! Thanks again!

I sure will. Thank you for your answer. :)

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Really, really good! This leaves me wanting more from this author! I want more! Give me! Give me! Give me! I love the story, I love the pacing, and I really love a certain android!

Eee! Thank you so much! ^///^ If you haven't already, feel free to check out the demo of my main, flagship title, "Queen's Crown."


This visual novel is soooo cute! Hands down


!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M IN MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS GAME! Holy crap, this is (hands down) one of the BEST visual novel games I've played. Wonderfully written, beautifully paced, the art-style is excellent, the MUSIC was stellar -- gah, there's no end to the amount of fantastic things I have to say about this! Huge thanks to everyone involved for making something so great. I also have to say that the characterization was SO GOOOOD. I just really, really enjoyed this.

Gah! That's such high praise! I think I speak for the whole team when I say we're super happy you enjoyed it! Thank you! ~

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

This game is just so, wow. The writing, the art, the character development, all of it was beautiful. I can't help but replay a few times because of the variety of responses, teasing Silas was really fun. The happy ending left me speechless, in a good way of course.

I would love to see what would have happened after they returned to civilisation, I doubt that everyone would approve of their relationship. Not to mention how some people would probably be paranoid if they knew that an android was able to ignore his programming. But I don't want their happy ending to be ruined so I'm glad the game ends there haha.


Yep, I think there would definitely be some lasting repercussions to them reaching the new planet together, you're absolutely right. I would have loved to explore that deeper (and figure out a way to give them a happy ending in SPITE of the powers against them) but I ran out of time, unfortunately, haha... I'm hoping that the ending in the game is satisfying enough on its own, despite the lingering questions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Glad you liked it! ^^

I absolutely loved the pacing of this, and the options had a lot of character in them and it was really fun to read the responses to each one. I want you to know that I am in love with this android?? And nothing can stop me. I also really love the design of the main character!

Haha... I'm sure he loves you too. ;)

And yes, thank you! The design is all thanks to our wonderful sprite artist, TarunaRei!

I'm happy that I took the time to give this visual novel a shot because this is definitely a splendid one, indeed. The phase to build up a relationship between the main characters felt just right; it was not forceful yet not too slow. I believe some VNs that missed to put balance into. As there were a lot of chances to of us, players, to pick choices much given than I had imagined which made me very happy because letting us be interact like that makes it feel more we are Kyndel.


I'm happy you did too! ^^ I'm glad you thought the pacing of the relationship was all right, since that was probably the part I struggled the MOST with writing... Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!


I think you dd a great job at it so no worries ^^

hiya, is there perhaps a walkthrough? i wanna get all the endings :D


Haha, I haven't written a walkthrough, per se, but the different endings are pretty easy to get:

The best way to get all three endings in one playthrough is to shoot for the romance most of the way through. Be kind to him and avoid picking any options that remind him he's not human. Treating him like he's a person is the most important thing to keep in mind and it should build his "Like" stat high enough that it'll keep all of the paths open to you.





Toward the end, when Silas fixes up the pod, you should agree to use it immediately in order to get the friendship and nonromance endings. After you wake up, choose the option that says something like "You haven't heard anyone say it that way in a long time," for the nonromance end. To get the friendship ending, choose the option that asks about what happened to Silas instead.

For the romance, you should try to avoid using the pod as long as you can. It'll start an argument with him, which is how you'll know you're on the right track. Just before you use the pod - this is key - MAKE HIM PROMISE to be there when you wake up. And you should be good!


(Edited 1 time)

Hi! I was really interested in playing this game (both the full and demo versions) but i can't seem to start it up on either versions. I have a mac btw. Thank you!!

Hm... Are you using the 2.0 version, by any chance? If so, I'm not sure what the issue is exactly, but I'll ask my programmer what can be done about it first thing in the morning. So sorry about the inconvenience. :(

(Edited 1 time)

Decided to send you another reply, so that you'd receive the notification: we've got a separate download available now for mac users that SHOULD fix the problem. ^^ Again, sorry about that!

No need to be sorry! Thank you so much for looking in to it! I just downloaded it right now and it seemed to start up fine. I can't wait to play it :)


I absolutely adored this and it's just as fantastic as I expected it to be. Fantastically stellar job all around. I only wish it were longer, but as zombiebunny aptly stated that's only 'cause it was so good!

Eee! Thanks so much. ♥ Really happy you enjoyed it!

Is there anywhere I can donate? I would have gladly paid for this game and I want to help support you! I looked at your profile and all that jazz, but I didn't see anywhere to donate. :(

Ah, that's really generous of you! I won't be accepting donations for this game, unfortunately, since it was really just for fun (and it wouldn't have been possible without my teammates!), but if you want, you can follow me on my various social medias and support my other projects! I may also set up a patreon or something similar in the future... :)

Your feedback really means a lot to me. Thanks so much. ♥


Loved it! I got two of the endings. The tears one, and the one where he's there 'after.' :D I don't think I'll try for the third, I'll just stick to the "after" one.

Haha, good choice! ;) I tend to stick with happy endings too.


Aaaah! Finally I was able to play! And it made me soooo happy I don't even... hnnn I loved it so much!

I can't really say much more than after playing the demo, since all the things I liked in it, I like them in the full version even more, of course.

Now, I really like how pervert you can be if you want, or how childish sometimes, for the matter. Sometimes the dialogues really made me laugh!

And of course, the ending was so cool! I love open endings that leave you space for interpretation, so I won't complain about how you dealt with it!

So happy right now... Thank you for the wonderful game!

Yay! Thanks so much for the kind words! Since the story is so linear and since the whole thing revolves around one character, and one relationship, I tried my best to include some variety with dialogue options to keep things interesting. I'm super glad it worked for you. :D


This was worth the wait! Especially given the time constraint, it's impressive what the team has pulled together. I agree with those who wish it was longer, but that's the magic of good VNs: you always wish they were longer.


^///^ Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!


Just finished, and I'm here "Oh, I want to see these two after all of this..." in the romance ending. I mean, Silas SHOULD be decomissioned... I'm almost certain that Silas and the character would have to run lol

But really. I loved it! Great game! <3


Very astute! I'm also pretty sure they cut out of there quick in the romance end... but what do I know, really? ;)

Thanks so much for your patience and I'm super glad you enjoyed it!


Wonderful work, especially for a game made so quickly! I only wish it was longer so we could learn more about Silas and his creator and what happens to everyone in the end, but then, a little mystery is the spice of life - and games too.

Thanks so much! You were very patient with us, so I hope it was worth the wait.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

the demo worked on my Mac great,but this one doesn't seem to want to run. I'm really excited to play it though! Gonna try to dust off my dinosaur desktop, but in the meantime, maybe it's a small issue?

Edit: After messing with the files a bit, it seems that this one isn't Mac compatible. It would be lovely if you could fix it? I don't know if my old comp will work and I've been looking forward to this game since the demo!!<3 thanks

Hm... That is strange... I haven't heard from any other Mac users yet, so hopefully I can talk with the programmer about it tonight and we can figure out what went wrong here. Thanks so much for the report!

I'm not sure what the issue ultimately was, but by mixing around the content files with another Renpy game on my desktop, I got it working.

Amazing. 10/10. I love the range of options that you gave us. I also.. ugh I really love Silas. 10/10. I just want to know what was in that last left out content T.T But really- it was wonderful. And gosh darn it I love robots. <3 <3

Yeah.. I also have a mac but I can't get it to work. The demo version didn't work for me either.


Downloading right now!! I'm so excited!


Finally it's here! -and yes I played it despite the little test bug appearing~-

I loved it so far, like a lot! (I feared mostly that the Android would only changed to fit our taste (and it creeped me out), but it's nicely done regarding that aspect -I won't say too much to not spoil-.
The writing was really nice and pleasant, fitting to the context and all (I must agree with other that I would gladly want an update when time allow you to have the extras with the other job -I personnally took Journalist first, and conitnued, but I would like to try others too ^v^-). Silas was nice and cute, and I would like to see more of him, like how he would developp more in time (ending broke my heart, thrice!).
The sprite art was delightful, even if quite stiff (I liked the coloring, anatomy and stuff, but the posing itself, especially on MC, since she's human,was really unatural imo). I was surprised by the difference in art with the CG, since I didn't noticed there would be two artists, my bad 8'D But they were so cute, and I will only say "nice ass!" ;)

Only problem is that I can't unlock the romantic path... (first try was at 89 at the end (didn't care about good or bad answers, just played for myself 8D) but didn't got it, I tried to go for a full score (if we needed a perfect to unlock it), still no romance...).
I then tried to use the test space (despite being reluctant because, no cheat QAQ), and manage to see where it should turn into romance buuut... I didn't finish it (I wanna get there by myself QAQ).
Question is(for when the version will be corrected ^v^) : is it related to the amount of point we must have for this dialogue to unlock at specific time (but I was around 80+ at that time...), or is the "false/true" aspect of the test space lock/unlock this possibility and thus prevent me to get a full experience? QAQ

(Sorry for the writing block >///<)

(Edited 1 time)

I don't mind at all, and I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the embarrassing failure of an upload we put out! ^^' The new version is the correct one!

The new version also has corrected the script so that the romance path is actually possible, this time! (89 in his LIKE stat is incredible! I didn't even know it could go that high o.O) Min and I had a bit of a miscommunication, and we accidentally set up a variable for romance when there were no triggers for it, because romance is the default! We didn't notice in testing, because we were just able to switch it when necessary. This is now fixed.

So, so sorry about all the confusion! Hope you enjoy the update!


Um... I don't think this is supposed to happen?

Whooooooah that's trippy! Also sucky :/

Fixed! The new version should be the correct one. ^^' Serves me right for posting while half-asleep, I suppose... Sorry about that, everyone!

Thank you! <3

Ah, wait wait! We found another bug and had to reupload! In our defense, it was one that was impossible to find unless you looked at the script very carefully... The NEW new version is up now. Please accept my humble apologies! >.<

Oh! Well alright then~ I love it so far!

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