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Ownnn in love with this game (and in love with Silas too <3), I really enjoyed to play and even after one day that I finished to play, still can't get out of my mind! Perfect!!

To say that the story stuck with you even after you finished playing it is a wonderful compliment. ^///^ Thank you so much!

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I've not played it yet (as it's still donwloading)...but something tells me that I'm going to love the bits out of this game.

And now that I read the other comments, my feeling is a little further confirmed. So...have some stars already: 🌠🌟

By the way, say, could you make it possible for us to give money (so that I can get the game to be displayed under the "owned" category on my page)

PS: Oh, would you happen to know the visual novel entitled "This Cheap and Sacred Thing"? Has it been any form of inspiration for this game, or did you just decide to write an über game with a robot just because?

Haha, thanks for checking it out. ^^ I haven't played that game, actually. I'd never even heard of it tbh, but when I googled, I was pleasantly surprised by all the praise. I may have to check it out later!

Ah, I sympathize with you wanting your games all listed neatly in one place (I'm pretty particular about that kind of thing myself), but I can't accept money for this game, unfortunately. Everyone who worked on this game did so for free, and I wouldn't feel right unless we split any revenue/donations equally... And that's just not practical considering the small amount we would get. Splitting 10-20$ a month between 6-7 people for the foreseeable future is just not a good use of my time right now.... :( Sorry.

I hope despite this you will enjoy the game anyway! Thanks again!

I sure will. Thank you for your answer. :)

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Really, really good! This leaves me wanting more from this author! I want more! Give me! Give me! Give me! I love the story, I love the pacing, and I really love a certain android!

Eee! Thank you so much! ^///^ If you haven't already, feel free to check out the demo of my main, flagship title, "Queen's Crown."


This visual novel is soooo cute! Hands down


!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M IN MY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS GAME! Holy crap, this is (hands down) one of the BEST visual novel games I've played. Wonderfully written, beautifully paced, the art-style is excellent, the MUSIC was stellar -- gah, there's no end to the amount of fantastic things I have to say about this! Huge thanks to everyone involved for making something so great. I also have to say that the characterization was SO GOOOOD. I just really, really enjoyed this.

Gah! That's such high praise! I think I speak for the whole team when I say we're super happy you enjoyed it! Thank you! ~

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This game is just so, wow. The writing, the art, the character development, all of it was beautiful. I can't help but replay a few times because of the variety of responses, teasing Silas was really fun. The happy ending left me speechless, in a good way of course.

I would love to see what would have happened after they returned to civilisation, I doubt that everyone would approve of their relationship. Not to mention how some people would probably be paranoid if they knew that an android was able to ignore his programming. But I don't want their happy ending to be ruined so I'm glad the game ends there haha.


Yep, I think there would definitely be some lasting repercussions to them reaching the new planet together, you're absolutely right. I would have loved to explore that deeper (and figure out a way to give them a happy ending in SPITE of the powers against them) but I ran out of time, unfortunately, haha... I'm hoping that the ending in the game is satisfying enough on its own, despite the lingering questions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Glad you liked it! ^^

I absolutely loved the pacing of this, and the options had a lot of character in them and it was really fun to read the responses to each one. I want you to know that I am in love with this android?? And nothing can stop me. I also really love the design of the main character!

Haha... I'm sure he loves you too. ;)

And yes, thank you! The design is all thanks to our wonderful sprite artist, TarunaRei!

I'm happy that I took the time to give this visual novel a shot because this is definitely a splendid one, indeed. The phase to build up a relationship between the main characters felt just right; it was not forceful yet not too slow. I believe some VNs that missed to put balance into. As there were a lot of chances to of us, players, to pick choices much given than I had imagined which made me very happy because letting us be interact like that makes it feel more we are Kyndel.


I'm happy you did too! ^^ I'm glad you thought the pacing of the relationship was all right, since that was probably the part I struggled the MOST with writing... Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!


I think you dd a great job at it so no worries ^^

hiya, is there perhaps a walkthrough? i wanna get all the endings :D


Haha, I haven't written a walkthrough, per se, but the different endings are pretty easy to get:

The best way to get all three endings in one playthrough is to shoot for the romance most of the way through. Be kind to him and avoid picking any options that remind him he's not human. Treating him like he's a person is the most important thing to keep in mind and it should build his "Like" stat high enough that it'll keep all of the paths open to you.





Toward the end, when Silas fixes up the pod, you should agree to use it immediately in order to get the friendship and nonromance endings. After you wake up, choose the option that says something like "You haven't heard anyone say it that way in a long time," for the nonromance end. To get the friendship ending, choose the option that asks about what happened to Silas instead.

For the romance, you should try to avoid using the pod as long as you can. It'll start an argument with him, which is how you'll know you're on the right track. Just before you use the pod - this is key - MAKE HIM PROMISE to be there when you wake up. And you should be good!


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Hi! I was really interested in playing this game (both the full and demo versions) but i can't seem to start it up on either versions. I have a mac btw. Thank you!!

Hm... Are you using the 2.0 version, by any chance? If so, I'm not sure what the issue is exactly, but I'll ask my programmer what can be done about it first thing in the morning. So sorry about the inconvenience. :(

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Decided to send you another reply, so that you'd receive the notification: we've got a separate download available now for mac users that SHOULD fix the problem. ^^ Again, sorry about that!

No need to be sorry! Thank you so much for looking in to it! I just downloaded it right now and it seemed to start up fine. I can't wait to play it :)


I absolutely adored this and it's just as fantastic as I expected it to be. Fantastically stellar job all around. I only wish it were longer, but as zombiebunny aptly stated that's only 'cause it was so good!

Eee! Thanks so much. ♥ Really happy you enjoyed it!

Is there anywhere I can donate? I would have gladly paid for this game and I want to help support you! I looked at your profile and all that jazz, but I didn't see anywhere to donate. :(

Ah, that's really generous of you! I won't be accepting donations for this game, unfortunately, since it was really just for fun (and it wouldn't have been possible without my teammates!), but if you want, you can follow me on my various social medias and support my other projects! I may also set up a patreon or something similar in the future... :)

Your feedback really means a lot to me. Thanks so much. ♥


Loved it! I got two of the endings. The tears one, and the one where he's there 'after.' :D I don't think I'll try for the third, I'll just stick to the "after" one.

Haha, good choice! ;) I tend to stick with happy endings too.


Aaaah! Finally I was able to play! And it made me soooo happy I don't even... hnnn I loved it so much!

I can't really say much more than after playing the demo, since all the things I liked in it, I like them in the full version even more, of course.

Now, I really like how pervert you can be if you want, or how childish sometimes, for the matter. Sometimes the dialogues really made me laugh!

And of course, the ending was so cool! I love open endings that leave you space for interpretation, so I won't complain about how you dealt with it!

So happy right now... Thank you for the wonderful game!

Yay! Thanks so much for the kind words! Since the story is so linear and since the whole thing revolves around one character, and one relationship, I tried my best to include some variety with dialogue options to keep things interesting. I'm super glad it worked for you. :D


This was worth the wait! Especially given the time constraint, it's impressive what the team has pulled together. I agree with those who wish it was longer, but that's the magic of good VNs: you always wish they were longer.


^///^ Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!


Just finished, and I'm here "Oh, I want to see these two after all of this..." in the romance ending. I mean, Silas SHOULD be decomissioned... I'm almost certain that Silas and the character would have to run lol

But really. I loved it! Great game! <3


Very astute! I'm also pretty sure they cut out of there quick in the romance end... but what do I know, really? ;)

Thanks so much for your patience and I'm super glad you enjoyed it!


Wonderful work, especially for a game made so quickly! I only wish it was longer so we could learn more about Silas and his creator and what happens to everyone in the end, but then, a little mystery is the spice of life - and games too.

Thanks so much! You were very patient with us, so I hope it was worth the wait.

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the demo worked on my Mac great,but this one doesn't seem to want to run. I'm really excited to play it though! Gonna try to dust off my dinosaur desktop, but in the meantime, maybe it's a small issue?

Edit: After messing with the files a bit, it seems that this one isn't Mac compatible. It would be lovely if you could fix it? I don't know if my old comp will work and I've been looking forward to this game since the demo!!<3 thanks

Hm... That is strange... I haven't heard from any other Mac users yet, so hopefully I can talk with the programmer about it tonight and we can figure out what went wrong here. Thanks so much for the report!

I'm not sure what the issue ultimately was, but by mixing around the content files with another Renpy game on my desktop, I got it working.

Amazing. 10/10. I love the range of options that you gave us. I also.. ugh I really love Silas. 10/10. I just want to know what was in that last left out content T.T But really- it was wonderful. And gosh darn it I love robots. <3 <3

Yeah.. I also have a mac but I can't get it to work. The demo version didn't work for me either.


Downloading right now!! I'm so excited!


Finally it's here! -and yes I played it despite the little test bug appearing~-

I loved it so far, like a lot! (I feared mostly that the Android would only changed to fit our taste (and it creeped me out), but it's nicely done regarding that aspect -I won't say too much to not spoil-.
The writing was really nice and pleasant, fitting to the context and all (I must agree with other that I would gladly want an update when time allow you to have the extras with the other job -I personnally took Journalist first, and conitnued, but I would like to try others too ^v^-). Silas was nice and cute, and I would like to see more of him, like how he would developp more in time (ending broke my heart, thrice!).
The sprite art was delightful, even if quite stiff (I liked the coloring, anatomy and stuff, but the posing itself, especially on MC, since she's human,was really unatural imo). I was surprised by the difference in art with the CG, since I didn't noticed there would be two artists, my bad 8'D But they were so cute, and I will only say "nice ass!" ;)

Only problem is that I can't unlock the romantic path... (first try was at 89 at the end (didn't care about good or bad answers, just played for myself 8D) but didn't got it, I tried to go for a full score (if we needed a perfect to unlock it), still no romance...).
I then tried to use the test space (despite being reluctant because, no cheat QAQ), and manage to see where it should turn into romance buuut... I didn't finish it (I wanna get there by myself QAQ).
Question is(for when the version will be corrected ^v^) : is it related to the amount of point we must have for this dialogue to unlock at specific time (but I was around 80+ at that time...), or is the "false/true" aspect of the test space lock/unlock this possibility and thus prevent me to get a full experience? QAQ

(Sorry for the writing block >///<)

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I don't mind at all, and I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the embarrassing failure of an upload we put out! ^^' The new version is the correct one!

The new version also has corrected the script so that the romance path is actually possible, this time! (89 in his LIKE stat is incredible! I didn't even know it could go that high o.O) Min and I had a bit of a miscommunication, and we accidentally set up a variable for romance when there were no triggers for it, because romance is the default! We didn't notice in testing, because we were just able to switch it when necessary. This is now fixed.

So, so sorry about all the confusion! Hope you enjoy the update!

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"(...) we accidentally set up a variable for romance when there were no triggers for it, because romance is the default (...)"

Oh man. That's what I was wondering while playing! 

Somehow Silas seemed lonely but very tentative about socializing, and it felt like whenever the MC reacted negatively or with distrust, that enforced his own more and more until he was basically emulating a toaster.  

No surprise that the 'normal' (well, I'd rather say 'paranoid') route was dull. Since the MC expected him to be dull and anything else would have freaked her out...tthe droid would have have to be suicidal to still come out and show anything resembling a sense of will in these conditions!

Thought I admit it might have been interesting to see Silas call her on her bullsh*; or try to get rid of her sooner, as he'd care less ans less for her comfort along the length of the game.


Um... I don't think this is supposed to happen?

Whooooooah that's trippy! Also sucky :/

Fixed! The new version should be the correct one. ^^' Serves me right for posting while half-asleep, I suppose... Sorry about that, everyone!

Thank you! <3

Ah, wait wait! We found another bug and had to reupload! In our defense, it was one that was impossible to find unless you looked at the script very carefully... The NEW new version is up now. Please accept my humble apologies! >.<

Oh! Well alright then~ I love it so far!

...eeeeeeeeeeeeee.... downloading!

New version is up! So sorry about the testing screen~!


And so another Friday night of waiting and hoping and clicking begins...

But hey, at least we're all here together!

You can say this again.


I have classes and tests tomorrow morning. Am I studying? No, I'm here with all of you :P

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Nice to see you've got your priorities straight! ;P


Who needs to study when you have the chance to date a android? :D


I'm trying, but, God, it's difficult to focus xD


I can see it now: "I swear, professor, I meant to study, but there was this sexy robot in a spaceship..."


I've played this game something like 2 or 3 days ago, and I'm SO SO glad I didn't know about it earlier. The wait has been AWFUL for such a short period of time... I can't imagine the suffering if I had to wait for weeks! I'm glad to hear it should be done by friday!

I've really loved the demo a lot. I really have a soft spot for romanceable artificial beings, may they be robots, androids, AIs, dolls or whatever, so yeah... perfect game for me! And man, that android is cool! I can't wait to see how you can influence him and how the relationship will develop!

And I already see the same greatness as in Queen's Crown, about the MCs developpement! I love when a game allows you to really choose the MCs behaviour, personality and all!

Speaking of her, I have a question! Does the choice about what you were doing in the crew impact later choices? I'm really fond of the cartographer option, and I'm not planning to change that any soon, so I'd like to know. I tend to say yes because of the option that allows you to tell you know Amalthea and you could set a faster course, wich would be logical for a cartographer, but can't say for sure.

Outside of that, I loved the mood in the game. The ambient music is fitting and the background are very interesting because of the 3D render. The only thing I'm not fond of is the art style. Too "heavy" for my tastes, if that makes sense. But well, I'm not picky AND I like the character designs, so I'm not complaining!

Anyway, I've talked for long enough haha! Thank you for the demo, and can't wait for the full version!


Oh, wow, thank you... It's so great to hear that people are enjoying the demo! I was afraid it might be too short to interest anyone, so the enthusiastic response here has been a huge relief so far, haha... I just hope that the final product is worth waiting for! I've had to trim some content here and there because of time constraints, unfortunately.

Part of the content that got cut was the MC's occupation stuff. Some of it is still scattered here and there, especially in the first half of the game, so it will effect the story in small, subtle ways, but not as much as I was aiming for originally. :( I may go back and add more content in the future, when I'm not so busy with my main project, but for now, it's mostly just there to add little touches of "color" to the experience. I definitely recommend playing as a mechanic or journalist at least once, btw. Each occupation has a few dialogue options or blocks that pop up pertaining to their specific field, but the mechanic and journalist offer just a tiny bit more in terms of backstory/insight.

And yes, robolove is very much a passion of mine. Any kind of romance involving an emotionally stunted or repressed person and I am ALL over it... So we have that much in common. xD I'll try not to let you guys down!


Oh, I see! Thank you! I may try another occupation, but I want to clear the game as a cartographer first, though mechanic would have been my second choice, so I'll definitely go with that next, then.

I don't think the demo is too short, actually. Well, it IS short, but it offers a nice amount of choices so you can really see the game's mechanics, and you get to understand the characters just enough to make you interested. I've played longer demos that didn't left me as fascinated by the game simply because of the lack of choices and all.

And don't worry, I can understand that you want to focus on your main project. To be honest, Queen's Crown is one of the games I'm most excited about at the moment, so I won't complain about that haha! I think I've played the demo for that one three times by now!


Man, I don't dare play the Queen's Crown demo. Romance, adventure, influenced by my favorite old school RPGs... I think it's best for my mental health if I just forget the thing exists until I see an announcement somewhere that it's been released.

Took the words right out of my mouth (or, typing, so ... fingertips?).


Well, I've played it, and it's great, but yeah, I suggest you forget about it for now if you don't want to die, as it's far from completion XD


I totally picked mechanic at first, yes! *fist pump* It's really cool of you to reply to all of us here and answer questions. I was hoping the occupations played a part in the story as well, but I totally understand you can only do so much with the time you have. I'd be happy to keep waiting and not have anything cut, but the show must go on I suppose! I hope someday you can go back and add whatever got cut and any extras, but either way I'll be ecstatic to play the full game. I've never used this site before, so I have no idea if you pay before you dl or if it's all free, but either way I'm more than happy to pay/donate for this gem and any future content.


Haha, this will definitely be a free game, no worries on that front. has both free and commercial games available for download here, as well as some that are pay-what-you-want... Basically, you just have to look at each game's page to know which type it is. :)

Yeah, if I wasn't already swamped with my bigger, flagship title, I would have loved to continue working on this until all the planned content was done, but unfortunately, I'm on a deadline that I have to get back to... Maybe in the future.

Thanks so much for your comments! Hope you enjoy the finished game!


I don't mean to pester, or in any way rush you, but I was wondering if you know the general release date, not necessarily like a specific day? Say within six weeks? Just helps us fans hold onto something. Hope everything is alright!


Seconded! I'm willing to wait as long as it takes, as long as I know that everyone on the team is whole and hale! That's what's most important.


The programmer, Minyan, posted this on April 22, into the post of the game on lemmasoft forums: "Quick update, Agashi is just about done with the full script! Once the proofreader is done I'll get it programmed ASAP. Also, the font was changed, so no worries about that! So happy you guys seem to be enjoying the demo, I know I like programming this mostly because I get to read it all before the masses >w<" (

I hope this means that we'll not have to wait a loooot more :D And yep! I hope too that everyone on the team is okay! :3


Good catch on the update! I was only checking the This, My Soul tumblr. Should have thought to check the forums again.


Everyone on the team is doing well, you guys. Sorry it's been radio silence here from me for a while... I wanted to make sure we were fairly close to being DONE before posting and getting people's hopes up. I can now say with 98% certainty that the finished game should be up this Friday (Apr. 28th). ^^

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm, everyone!


Hi, Agashi! Good to know that everyone is okay! We understand the radio silence, and I'm really happy with the news!

I thank YOU for making a game that it's about everything I want about androids :3


Huzzah! I guess that means I should stop reloading the page every half hour while I'm home and wait patiently until Friday.

.... yeah, that isn't going to happen. *reloads*


Same here. It's so far gone from 'habit' to 'compulsion' that at this rate I'll still be refreshing even after the game is released. Just a Pavlovian response because the muscle memory of my index finger doesn't know any differently.

Glad to know I'm not alone on "and the reloads keeps" xD


Thanks so much for replying! I'm glad it's going well and everyone on the team is alright!

@Erudessa I can't believe I didn't check the BLOG i kept checking the TUMBLR and here! Great catch thanks!

Happy to help, Mikko! :D


When do you think you can release?

Ah, sorry for the belated response! We're shooting for this Friday, if nothing dire happens. ^^


I read the comments and I can see it should be done reaaaaallllyyyy soon, so it would probably be better to wait for the full version.....

Now all I have to do is fight myself till it's done! Can't wait!


I'm doing the same thing, and the wait is killing me! I'm my own worst enemy at times like this ....


This wait is only just bearable enough for me to resist the temptation T-T


I'm like "F5... *2 hours* F5.... *2 hours* F5..." since yesterday lol

The wait is killing all of us T-T


Mentally, I understand: you want to put out the best game you can and, also, people have lives. Real ones, outside of the stories they tell, that require attention and no small amount of responsibility.

Emotionally, I'm a screaming banshee of greed and impatience.


You just described me xD


I just played the demo. Do not succumb. I am now sitting here in front my computer silently screaming. I just made the wait so much worse for myself. So much worse. I no longer know the difference between excitement and agony.


I hear you. I played the demo on Sunday. Unfortunately, even if the game is released tonight, I won't have time to play it until Friday, so my agony of suspense will continue at least until then...


I played the demo last week. I didn't know it was a demo, because I hadn't read THIS part... I'm agonizing since then T-T


How many members do we need before we could reasonably form a support group? XD 'VN Addicts Anonymous', anyone?


I should probably add that Agashi & company should in no way feel obligated to do anything differently on account of my obsessive whining. I have pillows I can scream into, it's fine. Take my ravings as an eccentric compliment and carry on exactly as you are.


Yeah totally take your time! We're all just super excited sorry! Don't mean to be impatient we just love ur VNs lol



I've been waiting eagerly for this game too, but I hope you don't feel like you have to rush - especially on the romance route! I want to experience sexy Silas in all his carefully wrought glory ;)


Haha, I definitely endeavor to bring the sexy... ^_~ Thanks so much for your patience!


TT.TT still checking O.O


I'm with you, ShadowLamb xD I can barely describe how anxious I'm for the complete game T_T


AH! Your tears are only matched by mine!!

You guys have been so patient! I'm really sorry about this, but the full game is going to take just a little longer. T-T We want to make sure the final version is as perfect as possible for you guys!

Gimme just a couple more days and hopefully we'll have a completed game for Easter Sunday!

ok, thanks for your hard work


Oh, my heart T_T

All right, I'm okay. *deep breath* I really understand you. I'll wait patiently for the game. Many thanks for letting us know about the delay :)


Thank YOU guys for the understanding... The non-romance route and friendship route are both finished, so it's really only the end of the romance that needs to be done now, I swear. ^^'

We'll get it out very VERY soon. Hope you both have lovely weekends!


Todayyyyyy when's it gonna be today?

(+1) excited...


EEEE! 4 more days!



I just tried the demo and now I'm aboard the waiting train. I really enjoyed it!


Thanks you guys! ^^ Everything's coming along nicely... We should be able to make the deadline! *Fingers crossed*

Yeah, I'm pretty much down for this~

Haha, hope the full game doesn't disappoint!


Sold! :D


*Happy dance*


Nooooooo, I failed to notice that this is only a demo x'D curses! 12 more days to wait... *sob*

Interesting story! A lot of difficult grammar for me but it's also educational and somewhat refreshing o.o (I need to widen my dictionary!)

The font for the textbox is slightly hard to read since the 'a' is similar to an 'o', 'g' is similar with 'q' but it does suits the sci-fi theme! Ah the dilemma ><

The art and backgrounds are also awesome :'D love the semi-realism style! All of you have worked hard and you deserved a pat on your backs for this!

Overall, I can't wait for the full version! :'D

Thanks so much for checking it out and yes, I'm sorry for the additional wait! T-T

We're very much trying to meet the second deadline though! And yeah, we might have to consider a change in fonts moving forward if a lot of people have trouble with it... Hopefully we can find something that fits the theme as well as this one does!

I'll pass your compliments along, so thanks again! Good luck with your own project!~

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